Burda is just my Style

I remember my mom sewed a lot when I was a kid. Mostly our costumes for carnival. And she always bought the patterns from Burda and so until some days ago I considered Burda to be kind of old-fashioned and not really hip. But just the other day… I don’t know what bit me… I bought my very first Burda Style magazine and now I have this virus. I HAVE TO SEW SOMETHING FOR ME TO WEAR. Believe me. I cannot think of anything else since 3 days. I want these two outfits. No matter what! (I only have to understand the instructions and find out how much fabric I need. It’s a bit tricky…)


And I have almost chosen the fabrics. I think I want something floral for the dress. And something geometrical for the shirt and skirt. What do you think?


Yes… grey might not be a nice summer color but I’m not a skirt girl. So I’d better start with something that is not so bold, right?! AND additionally I have a crush on herringbone now. Isn’t this the most fabulous pattern (and chevron)? Oh how I love thee!

I’ve chose many more fabrics that you can check out on my Pinterest fabric board. Have fun!

Next week will be all about Love and Valentine! Gorgeous digital freebies, tutorials AND even a giveaway :-) Stay tuned for a week full of joy. Have a great weekend!

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