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While I tried to assemble my Wiesn outfit I found adorable accessories for the ladies.

Thomas Sabo makes adorable charms for either necklaces or bracelets (first row). You simply hang them on the chain and they make a nice individual piece of jewellery.

What amazed me that even Longchamp/Le Pliage that mostly offer very basic and traditional bags – not playful at all – offers a little leather bag for the Oktoberfest. The front reminds you of the traditional leather suspenders the guys wear with their leather pants. Very chic. Very expensive. 310 €

Another bag I found and instantyl loved was the BREZNBAG. That made me think “DOH, why didn’t you think of THAT?!” It’s just too cool. The German designer Christine Münster invented this bag and uses high class materials like wild silk or velvet, the little logo is made of Svarovski diamonds… just too nice. And I think it’s even nicer than Longchamp and it’s only 180 €.

On Dawanda (our German Etsy) I’ve found 3 adorable pieces, handmade by undiscovered talents. Nice white lace cuffs with red hearts make a nice addition to every dirndl. I find them very elegant. Then there’s a fantastic handmade felt necklace with a big edelweiss flower. I really like unusual findings combined with traditional ones. The white clogs made me smile and imagine how sweet they would fit to every dirndl. The little deer pendant by “Die kleine Fee” would make a great gift or you can put it on your dress as well.

There are so many things available that it’s hard to choose (again) what to buy. But there are all kinds of materials and styles available it makes it much easier to find something you really really like.

wiesn accessoires

One more egg + sharpies = easter egg update!

I did it again. It’s so much fun my head is full of ideas now.
This one is for a sweet couple in my agency who brought me a pack of Sharpie’s recently from the US and as they didn’t want to see my money I made them an egg. They love Las Vegas and so that’s the theme done in an old-school tattoo style. Hope they will like it!
Mark and Shy! This is for you! Thanx a lot!!

gambler easter egg

gambler easter egg

Eggs + Sharpies = colorful easter decoration!

I had this idea yesterday. I haven’t painted one egg since kindergarten but today I landed on the Sharpie’s homepage and when you can use Sharpie’s to paint on Chuck’s well… you can get freaky on an egg as well. Easter is coming faster than I thought so all I needed was a pack of white eggs as the pens were already there (ordered them from all over the states as in Germany they’re nowhere to find).

Easy task I thought but I was not aware that eggs get stamped before they hit the stores so I had the problem how to get rid of those pink numbers. Tipp Ex works. Works perfectly fine. But looks bad. Really bad. Don’t do it. My fabulous new colleague Annette had the idea to use a nail file and YES that is much better. I took a picture of the result but as there was nothing to see anymore… you get the hint.


tipp ex egg

eggs with stamp

I decided to have a theme. “Tattoo Eggs” As I’m turning 30 this year a new tattoo is due so I painted the eggs with potential designs. First I blew them out which was a real mess but it provided dinner as well. Then drew on them with a pencil.

pencil scetch

Right after this picture here the egg fell down. If you consider to do something similar I recommend you let the eggs dry for a day so that the rest of the slimy inside isn’t all over your hands. First: it makes the egg slippery which isn’t the best factor to work with. Second: it’s sticky, your hands will get dirty from it and the mess will be all over your working area and now try to use an eraser on an empty egg….

sacred heart

This is how they got finished – I just used a black Sharpie for the outlines and colored the rest in whatever color came to my hand. That’s all the magic. And I like them a lot! They will make a super easter decoration arranged in a bowl.

I’ve made 3 traditional tattoo themes: Happy Easter with cherries, a diamond and a star. 2 swallows facing with a star underneath and a sacred heart.

tattoo eggs

tattoo eggs 2

Here we have a koi fish and a swirl with some cherry blossoms representing japanese tattoo style. Here I’ve found out that Sharpie’s don’t mix with water because I thought of making a more watercolor -ish design but unfortunately that doesn’t work. For the swirls on the koi egg I used a Copic marker with a paint brush tip which worked pretty nice with a bit of water.

japanese eggs 2

japanese eggs

And here we have a sugar skull which actually looks like an egg head which wasn’t meant to be but as it was the first egg I’ve painted I wasn’t aware of the bowing (and here you can still see traces of the pencil)

sugar skull egg

That was the first round of painting eggs. I plan one more session using something different. Don’t know yet. Wouldn’t have thought it could be so much fun. Before this year easter was all about eating chocolate and loads of lamb. But my creative juices are flowing now and I will not stop them :-)

Are you making easter deco yourself? What are you up to? Is anyone having an idea for a nice wreath? I’d love to see your suggestions.

Advent, Advent…

I never cared much about the advent season before. But now I have 120 square meters to decorate and a hubby to make happy. :-)

So this year we have scented vanilla candles in each room and since yesterday a christmas countdown in the dining room, too. 24 envelopes with fotos and little motivational quotes on the back which I stamped on (each single letter!). The red envelopes have silver number stickers from Depot, the envelopes are from ebay. Like laundry they were hung up on a red and white ribbon across the wall. What bothers me is that I didn’t have enough wooden clothes pins so I had to take 5 black plastik ones (this comes from not planning your project properly… nothing new to me…). Strolling around the stores I found two very nice details to add. It’s a little felt christmas tree with small bells and a little red ball with his name on it. That’s cute.

content calendar

that’s what is inside the red envelopes – foto with quote


calendar detail

The dining room table is the place where he has breakfast each morning and needed some decoration as well. So now he has a great view over the Taunus, the christmas calendar and this:

dining table

And the christmas “wreath” came out like this:


I wrapped the candles with a “Merry Christmas” ribbon at the bottom. Onto the wood-frame I added little and big silver bells that give a lovely tone everytime you move the wood, spices as cinnamon rolls and star anise for a great smell, dried orange and red paper apples. It touches every sense and makes our home cozy and warm. (ok.. the costers are just funny anyway :-)

Always remember – A good home must be made, not bought. (Joyce Maynard)

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