the new home – the kitchen story

when we found our little house i knew the kitchen would be the most “difficult” room, the one that needed the most attention and remodeling. the kitchen was square-shaped but separated by another wall from the dining room which made the whole space very dark. furthermore i insisted on wood floors for that whole area and it was no compromise for me to have wood floors in the dining room and tiles in the kitchen. in germany that’s what people normally do, i won’t!!

april 12, 2013

april 12 i received the key to our castle in this kitchen and with big tools i started to scrape off the wallpaper only to find little notes underneath  :-)


it took 4 hours to get rid of the darn paper and 4 weeks later we tore down the wall!! loads of dust, bricks… just a mess!!

consider this diem carped

with heavier tools the guys got rid of the floor tiles and my dad had to even the floor again as it was all wonky after this process.

tearing down the house

that was really the most difficult task of all. tearing down walls is easy – you just hammer like a lunatic and it will all fall apart. getting rid of tiles is an ass. takes hours and will just leave you with a loud sound in your ear from all that noise and let’s not talk about those numb fingers.

shortly after that my dad started to suspend the ceiling so we could have a nice light concept in the kitchen. by that time we planned the furniture already so we had the cable guy set the whole installations.

all cables set

luckily you can plan a kitchen online just to get a sense of how it could look like. it took 6 weeks for her to get delivered. not as long as we thought actually. – choosing the tiles was also fun and easy. handling their order was not so fun since the color i chose was unavailable and needed to be reordered. unfortunately i wasn’t told until due-day and the conversations with that company became a little ugly and still we are without kitchen wall tiles. – the floors are covered with oak planks which makes a very comfortable atmosphere.

06 the fun part

and finally last week the kitchen was delivered, installed and is ready to become the finest area of the house :-) the space is wide open, light, we got us 6 eames chairs that surround our freshly constructed new table we received for our wedding and the light system makes it even greater to sit there and have friends over for dinner.


one door wasn’t intalled yet but that’s better than to have no kitchen at all :-)

dining area

dining area from kitchen

by end of july the tiles will be delivered (hopefully) and the door will be at its place and all will be beautiful. but we’re already very happy to be that far. the rest of the house is almost done – we have 4 more rooms to complete but the “main” area is almost complete. we finally chose and bought a bed YAY (delivery time: 10 weeks) and we are still looking for a book shelf. easy. everything will fall in its place one day (hopefully before christmas) haha. can’t tell how relieved we are to have this part done.

there will be more stories and pictures from the construction site as soon as i can take more decent pictures. so stay tuned – the story is not over yet :-)

wishing you a beautiful week!



work in progress

this week was all about the kitchen. we had the electrician guy set all our cables into the walls and ceiling. i was asked all kinds of questions like “where do you want any additional outlets? do you want to dim your lights? how many bulbs do you want to have?” excuse me? i have no idea! give me a switch and some lights that will work and i’m ok with it. i haven’t thought about light concepts ever and now all these questions. gheez.
and the rest of the week everybody had a task. dad was in the kitchen, martin painted, i unpacked stuff and cleaned up behind the boys…
ground and taped the windows in order to have them painted, made happy faces (i HAVE to because i’m on the verge of going totally nuts)…
decorated the kitchen with the cable plan so the papers won’t get lost, chose metro tiles for the kitchen, took off more tiles from the bathroom, and looked at all the crap that we dragged out of the basement.
plans, choices, crap
i am officially fed up. we’ve been working on this for “only” 4 weeks now and we have 6 more to go and i hope we’ll be all set the day we move.

until now we did all this:

* took off all wallpaper (9 rooms, one more still needs to be done)
* took off all carpets
* took off tiles from kitchen and bathroom (one more room needs to be done)
* prepared the walls for painting
* ground most of the doorframes and painted them
* ground half of the stairrail
* chose kitchen, floors, tiles
* made preparations to suspended the kitchen ceiling
* set all the cables
* cleaned the house from all the crap!

after the kitchen is done (which is definitely the biggest part of all) we can finally paint ALL rooms, set the floors and tiles and work on all the little details that you discover along the way. it’s insanity.

and inbetween all this we’re getting married next week and had to buy dresses, rings, stuff and whatnots. luckily martin and i are not very uncomplicated when it comes to choose things for the wedding so that – at least – was an easy task :-) (YES… there you can see how fuzzy my brain is :-) i meant “complicated”)

let’s see what we can accomplish next week. have a good weekend you lovely followers.

last week at the construction site

oh boy. it feels like this mess will never end. last week was one of the most intense ones. my dad tore down a wall then we had to remove all the dirt, all bricks, all floors, all the wallpaper from the house and bring it somewhere to have it recycled. we handle big and heavy machines, have to endure loud sounds and tons of dust. after each day we’re covered in dust and it takes ages to get the dirt off of my hair. we finally can call an electrician to handle the cables, order the kitchen, the floors, buy tiles and wall color.

more dust

but though it feels like an unbearable journey we do have moments that are so unbelievably surprising it’s almost magical. martin found an old sewing machine and a TURQUOISE type writer in the basement left behind by the old tenants – clearly a sign we bought the right house :-)


we also realized that removing wallpaper is NOTHING compared to removing tiles by hand. my dad removed the majority of the floors with the heavy air hammer (making the house shake) but unfortunately not everything could be removed. so it took a whole day to get rid of the rest with a hammer and a pick. pain in the ass – we can tell!!  and then i managed to hit my thumb with the iron hammer and for 2 hours i tried not to run beserk from the pain. i definitely had to pause for the rest of the day putting cream on my hand hoping nothing is broken and i can continue to help the next day.

pain sweat fear

so it actually looks like things are getting done. but it’s still a long road to go since we can only work after 6 pm and the weekends. i am so grateful my dad has the skills and the experience of 30 years in building construction. we would be helpless without him. and my sweet mom brought us warm food on sunday so we could pause for a while and just enjoy a littlebit of the day.
sunday supper

counting the days we can finally move in i look forward to our wedding in 3 weeks and the short get-away we make. after that it only takes another 3 weeks until the truck comes to get our stuff and we have to move. wow. writing this down makes me realize that it’s only 7 weeks to go. let’s hope it will all fall into place. i’ll keep you posted on this journey! xoxoxo

72 hours aka. the weekend

it’s really happening! we received the key to our new house and one week later – within 72 hours – friday through sunday – we destroyed it!! not really but it’s chaos and dirty and turned upside down. the goal was to remove the white wood-chip-wallpaper from all walls! 7 rooms and a bathroom (who is so dumb to put wallpaper in the bathroom?!?!?)

it all began with a radio in the (soon to be) kitchen and a scraper, loads of water and good motivation. after wetting the wallpaper the bare concrete walls revealed lovely notes from whoever owned the house before, but after  hours, endless hours, hurting arms and hands i was fed up. and tired.

make it all new

a day later my martin joined me and helped removing the paper. saturday evening the house looked like a ruin, wet paper everywhere, more sore hands and arms.

oh no

sunday evening we finished 4 rooms and i was actually happy to return to the office (who knew i’d ever say this). it’s a mess and after 72 hours of hard work motivation is not the same anymore. but knowing it’ll all look fabulous when it’s done is a good reward.

sunday i wore my heart rate monitor just to see what such a day will do to my fitness and the result was cool. 9 hours of renewing a house burn 1015 calories and 64% of fat. no gym session can compete with that. and i actually got some stuff done! :-) i guess in the next 2 months i’ll turn into the fat free self i always wish i was. haha.

that’s what’s going at the moment. beside the 9 hours of office every day. if you want you can follow the journey on instagram, too. i’ll keep you posted on how our nest will turn from a messy place to our dream come true. xoxo