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heute ist es soweit!! das e-mag artig & fein ist erschienen mit ganz viel inspiration und diy-projekten. zusammengestellt von sodapop caro und birthe von peppermintblue. ich will gar nicht so viel verraten; es ist einfach toll geworden. eins meiner projekte ist auch dabei. und wem das ergebnis gefällt, kann dies bei mir im shop auch einkaufen :-) einfach aufs bild klicken, dann werdet ihr weiter geleitet!

ich hoffe es gefällt und inspiriert euch noch zu weiteren vorweihnachtlichen projekten. happy weekend.

Cloth Magazine

Hello and happy Monday to everyone. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and your week starts nicely.

Last week I received this little magazine from the UK that I ordered because it has a feature of Dottie Angel. She wrote a post about it some weeks ago and being a total Dottie fan I ordered this magazine directly the same day and I am NOT disappionted at all.

Cloth Magazine is published in the UK and is all about self-designed and sewn clothes. They offer very good advice on how to sew your own pieces or change your old clothing (and even shoes!) They show sewing techniques, have little projects that are easy to make and in this current issue they have a whole chapter about how to choose the right sewing machine and how to start with it.

Dottie Angel explains very detailed how to applique little doilies on vintage fabric in a great tutorial of a shelf cover. Her work is so outstanding and amazes me everytime I search through her website.

If you have a chance to get hold of an issue of Cloth Magazine I highly recommend to grab it. Especially if you’re a beginner and need help or inspiration this is a treasure. If you can’t check out their website which contains a LOT of information as well.

I will place my subscription now as I don’t want to miss one issue!

cloth magazine title

cloth magazine dottie

cloth magazine