quick cinnabuns

als ich letztens mit christiane nach berlin zu hello etsy fuhr, hatte ich für die fahrt mal ein bisschen was vorbereitet. kleine zimtröllchen aus einer packung knack und back buttermilch brötchen! when christiane and i drove to berlin to participate at hello etsy i’ve baked some quick and easy cinnabuns from a pack of buttermilk bisquits.

buttermilk rolls

man schnappt sich die 6 brötchen und fährt ordentlich mit dem nudelholz darüber. flat all of the cookies.


bestreicht alles mit butter. put butter on it.


bestreut sie mit zimt und zucker. and of course sugar and cinnamon.


und rollt sie zusammen. roll them


schneidet sie in kleine mundgerechte stücke und schiebt sie in den ofen. cut them into tiny pieces and bake them.


wenn sie fertig sind bekommen sie noch eine cremefine/puderzucker dusche und fertig sind sie. when they were done i’ve sprinkled some cream+powder sugar mix on them.


weil die geschichte ziemlich klebrig ist, habe ich uns aus einem bogen backpapier ein tütchen genäht, in dem sie sauber verpackt waren. lecker waren die! und so schnell gemacht. super dafür geeignet, wenn man spontan besuch bekommt. as they are very sticky i quickly sewed a transportation bag of a sheet of baking paper. they were delicious. you must try them out!

soul food

delicious soulfood

yeah… i’m not as sad as last week but definitely a bit stressed out and in a full-time work mood. and when i’m like this i need good food. luckily i’m not someone to run to fast food chains to just eat something. the more stressed i am the more good food i want. the world might tumble down – you’ll find me in the kitchen cooking.

lately i really enjoy dinner with several dips and veggies and this weekend i’ve made us houmus, tabouleh salad and avocado spread. very healthy and good for the soul because you have to invest some time to eat which helps to calm down for a moment.


on the menu was: houmus, guacamole and tabouleh salad.

for the houmus i took

2 cans chickpeas
1 garlic clove
2 table spoons of olive oil
1 table spoon of tahini (sesame paste)
lemon juice
salt and pepper
smoked paprika powder

i know the canned chick peas are ready to use but i always boil them for another 20 minutes in the liquid
to have them extra chewy. then i rinse them and put them into a blender together with olive oil, garlic and tahini and mix until it’s a thick purée.

after that i taste and add lemon juice, salt ’n‘ pepper and the paprika powder until i love it. i normally add juice of a whole lemon. you must find out how much you like. all this is done in 30 minutes and just delicious.


the guacamole i keep rather simple:

1 avocado

1 garlic clove
lemon juice
salt and pepper
avocado + garlic into the blender, season with lemon juice and salt and pepper, decorate with almond chips.


tabouleh is similar to couscous. i don’t even really know what the difference is. here in germany i always buy a small pack that has herbs in it already. for one meal i use 3 table spoons of tabouleh and slightly cover it with boiling water. let it rest for 10 minutes and then add some tomatoes, onions, basil, cucumber… whatever i have available in the fridge.

cooking is actually my most beloved DIY project ever. when i’m in a grumpy mood i can’t sew. but i sure can cook.

enjoy your own middle-eastern dinner one time. all this goes perfectly together with a good piece of steak or chicken or simply with freshly cut veggies. healthy. delicious.

OH and you might have noticed the header of this post „delicious soulfood“. it’s something i’ve did after a fantastic photoshop tutorial that i’ve found on pugly pixel today. isn’t that a great letterpressed effect?! i LOVE it and you can try it, too. the step by step instruction is super easy!


Baking a Rainbow Cake

Last week my little niece celebrated her first birthday and that screamed for a special cake. Since I baked Martin’s birthday cake last year and another one for his dad I’m kinda addicted to bigger, better and more creative cakes. It’s so much fun and sooooo relaxing.

Looking for an inspiration I stumbled over Martha’s site and found a recipe for a rainbow cake and loved it instantly. Though I never managed to bake biscuit cake I thought I’d give it a try.

Actually I followed Martha’s recipe. Pretty easy.


You mingle everything together until you have a big bowl of dough.


Divide into 6 equal parts and add food colors. On Martha’s site they used a kind of gel. It is available here in Germany but you have to order it so I used normal food colors from the supermarket and hoped it would lead to the same result. It didn’t. The colors turned out very light but actually I really liked the pastel result. I had red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (mixed with red and blue).

6 colors

Since I only have ONE pan I had to bake them separately which took quite a while.

6 bisquits

Before stacking the biscuits I prepared the cream cheese frosting. 4 packs of cream cheese, a part of confectioner’s sugar, butter and some vanilla. Beat until smooth.

cream cheese frosting

I began with the purple biscuit, poured some of the frosting and covered it with blue and so on and so on until it looked like this.


Covered with the rest of the frosting it looked like this. Very innocent!


Yes and this is one slice that I managed to photograph. It tasted great and the cake was finished within minutes.


That was fun and easy to bake. Maybe I should get at least one more pan for such occasions. This won’t be the last time I baked this fantastic cake.

Cake Love – Der Gugl

Do you like cupcakes? Well then you gonna love GUGLHUPF (pronounced google-hupf). This cake is a traditionally German made of yeast dough, baked in a special pan and is unbelievably easy to bake. It’s pretty similar to a bundt. In this country everyone knows and loves Guglhupf.

The other day I read about this new online shop named DERGUGL that recently opened in Munich. They sell boxes of mini cakes with special flavors like rose + physalis, or cocoa + lemongrass, egg nogg + lemon. But of course they offer a normal chocolate one as well. All the mini cakes are handmade and put in adorable boxes of 4 or 9. They even have gluten free guglhupfes. Very thoughtful I think.

der gugl

But what I like best is that you can book 2 super fine extras for special events. An adorable pink mini-truck from which you can get your cakes or/and a sweet lady with a vendor’s tray as a flying dessert buffet. What an awesome idea.

The founder of this little enterprise is a young woman – Chalwa – who was fed up only getting bad tasting pastries in coffee shops. Her team of 3 consists of Günter who does the magic in the kitchen, Lars who wants to open the first flagship store in Munich and lovely Kerstin, a student, the girl behind the tray who drives the truck, too.

der gugl

Their products can be bought either online but as well at Mutterland in Hamburg, at 3 locations in Munich and one in Erding.

I love this concept and give a thousand kudos to this brave woman who is strong and smart enough to have discovered this niche. Please visit their website DERGUGL.

(all images are property of www.dergugl.de)

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