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Do you like cupcakes? Well then you gonna love GUGLHUPF (pronounced google-hupf). This cake is a traditionally German made of yeast dough, baked in a special pan and is unbelievably easy to bake. It’s pretty similar to a bundt. In this country everyone knows and loves Guglhupf.

The other day I read about this new online shop named DERGUGL that recently opened in Munich. They sell boxes of mini cakes with special flavors like rose + physalis, or cocoa + lemongrass, egg nogg + lemon. But of course they offer a normal chocolate one as well. All the mini cakes are handmade and put in adorable boxes of 4 or 9. They even have gluten free guglhupfes. Very thoughtful I think.

der gugl

But what I like best is that you can book 2 super fine extras for special events. An adorable pink mini-truck from which you can get your cakes or/and a sweet lady with a vendor’s tray as a flying dessert buffet. What an awesome idea.

The founder of this little enterprise is a young woman – Chalwa – who was fed up only getting bad tasting pastries in coffee shops. Her team of 3 consists of Günter who does the magic in the kitchen, Lars who wants to open the first flagship store in Munich and lovely Kerstin, a student, the girl behind the tray who drives the truck, too.

der gugl

Their products can be bought either online but as well at Mutterland in Hamburg, at 3 locations in Munich and one in Erding.

I love this concept and give a thousand kudos to this brave woman who is strong and smart enough to have discovered this niche. Please visit their website DERGUGL.

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