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Hallo und schönen Freitag an alle.

This was such a beautiful week. No… nothing special happened…ok…they delivered the sewing machine plug but that was yesterday and the week was awesome already. It was just nice. Now I’m off to a whole weekend of sewing, sleeping and eating and if the weather doesn’t suck I can maybe start shooting some photos of my shop items :-) YAY.

Do you have good plans? Tell me.

Have a good one.

Xo, Lou

Quote of the week

everything is possible 1920

Guten Tag,

Had everyone a good week? Did you learn something? A good lesson maybe? I can tell you I did. Some fabrics that I touched this week taught me valuable lessons. I’m sewing like a madwoman these days and I’m still having moments where I learn how to handle the machine/fabric/thread/needle/pattern…. Sometimes I really wish I knew it before. But gosh.. that’s so much fun. And just some moments ago I ordered a new sewing machine. It’s a used one but can do a lot more than the one I have now and I can’t wait her to arrive! That is really a good Friday. And this week my little baby niece made her first steps without holding onto something which is pretty exciting, too!

Let me wish you a happy weekend and sign off. I’d be happy to hear your happy experience stories.

Xo, Lou

Quote of the week


This week I was busy finally preparing items for the shop (that I’ll be opening soon) and being in a good mood. And due to all the sewing – ah and the knitting :-) – and because we’re heading to the Oktoberfest today I didn’t have time to prepare a nice digi scrapbooked wallpaper but instead I want to share this wordboner that I recently found and that I love. Isn’t it fantastic? Do I have to explain? Nope. It speaks for itself.

Servus and have a super weekend.

Xo, Lou

Quote of the week

having a dream

Good Friday to every one,

This has been a fun, relaxing and happy week. I’m still very laid-back and not even the rain can keep me from having sunshine in my heart. I learned to knit (unfortunately I ran out of wool so I have to wait until Monday to get more) which was very fun, I had some project ideas and this weekend it’s my boo’s birthday and we’re planning on having calm quality time. Sunday we’ll run the Komen Race for the Cure and maybe I’ll stop by at the fabric market if it doesn’t rain.

I’ve found this quote on Flickr some day as a title for a photo and I liked it so much. I made the wallpaper very bold this week and I’ll print it out and hang it over my desk so I won’t forget about my dreams and that I have to pursue them. We all should.

Have a nice weekend. Enjoy.

Xo, Lou

Quote of the week

big enough dream

Hello everyone,

Last week I totally forgot to post the weekly quote but this week it won’t happen again.

Currently I’m working on my dream – I plan to open the Etsy shop before Christmas. Actually mid November. And though it’s hard work I’m having a good time. It’s really great to work on something that means a lot to me and even though I work late hours at the office and then sew a lot in the evenings I couldn’t be happier. That’s why I chose this quote. Yes my dream is big enough that the stress doesn’t count. And next week we’re heading to a little island that I call home to relax a bit and to get ready for the upcoming shop preparation.

I won’t be around much but this will definitely be my last little break from blog reading and blogging this year.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend and look forward being around again in a week.

Xo, Lou

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