Livin out load by Keri Smith

Here’s my second book review and it’s about LIVIN OUT LOUD by Keri Smith.

If you’re lacking ideas you can find them here! This lovely spiral binded book is nicely illustrated, colorful and loaded with playful exercises that will make your creative juices flow once you flip through the pages. Keri encourages you to be original, write a journal and gives you tips on how to start one and why you should enjoy it, a chapter on how to make a living doing what you love (yay). Then there are activities for you to do e.g. “Lifestyle for Sale” (what would you sell if you had a lifestyle store) that challenge your imagination. Throughout the books you find stickers, postcards with quotes, nice illustrations, crafty tutorials… the book is full of nice discoveries.

I read it once but I always come back to the book to read a certain chapter again. Some activities are not for me but overall it’s a cool book which inspires me and cheers me up. It’s a little kick in the butt as well when you’re down and you lack of motivation. Get it! It’s fun!

livin out load mosaic

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