This weekend was one of those… LOTS of plans and ideas and in the end… nothing really worked out the way I wanted. Bummer. Today I wanted to post a very cool advent calendar DIY but instead I’m showing you another wreath I did for our door. The calendar didn’t turn out as supposed and…yeah.. I had to switch a bit. Next year then :-)

Our new wreath for our door is such a cheapo project and came totally out of the blue. While I was getting the things for the advent calendar I found 2 big boxes of Christmas ornaments. Almost 60 balls. For 5 € together. Plus a styrofoam ring for 1 €. The idea to make a wreath for our door was born. Ready in 1-2-3 steps.

I attached a ribbon before gluing the balls on the wreath because otherwise it would have been difficult to do.

Styrofoam ring

Basically it was really only attaching the balls on the wreath with the glue gun.

a bowl of balls

A little tricky to position but for 6 Euros a very nice and affordable door decoration, don’t you think?

Christmas balls

Did you see Kristi’s wreath tutorial on *I see life through the lens*. I am SO in love with this! Love the colors and the yarn balls. It’s just perfect. If I just had the patience… but lately things can’t get done quickly enough for me so this pretty one has to wait until next year until I make one. But it’s jaw-dropping. Really.

Tomorrow I will reveal the winner of my shop opening giveaway and Sandy will, too. You have some time left to participate. So take your chance. :-)


Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!


  1. Crystalline Reply

    That’s a fabulous idea! And there’s plenty of affordable ornaments available now. It’s so cute! XD

    I also love the yarn ball wreath. My mom could probably go for that, haha; she has tons of yarn that could be put to use.

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