I had this idea yesterday. I haven’t painted one egg since kindergarten but today I landed on the Sharpie’s homepage and when you can use Sharpie’s to paint on Chuck’s well… you can get freaky on an egg as well. Easter is coming faster than I thought so all I needed was a pack of white eggs as the pens were already there (ordered them from all over the states as in Germany they’re nowhere to find).

Easy task I thought but I was not aware that eggs get stamped before they hit the stores so I had the problem how to get rid of those pink numbers. Tipp Ex works. Works perfectly fine. But looks bad. Really bad. Don’t do it. My fabulous new colleague Annette had the idea to use a nail file and YES that is much better. I took a picture of the result but as there was nothing to see anymore… you get the hint.


tipp ex egg

eggs with stamp

I decided to have a theme. “Tattoo Eggs” As I’m turning 30 this year a new tattoo is due so I painted the eggs with potential designs. First I blew them out which was a real mess but it provided dinner as well. Then drew on them with a pencil.

pencil scetch

Right after this picture here the egg fell down. If you consider to do something similar I recommend you let the eggs dry for a day so that the rest of the slimy inside isn’t all over your hands. First: it makes the egg slippery which isn’t the best factor to work with. Second: it’s sticky, your hands will get dirty from it and the mess will be all over your working area and now try to use an eraser on an empty egg….

sacred heart

This is how they got finished – I just used a black Sharpie for the outlines and colored the rest in whatever color came to my hand. That’s all the magic. And I like them a lot! They will make a super easter decoration arranged in a bowl.

I’ve made 3 traditional tattoo themes: Happy Easter with cherries, a diamond and a star. 2 swallows facing with a star underneath and a sacred heart.

tattoo eggs

tattoo eggs 2

Here we have a koi fish and a swirl with some cherry blossoms representing japanese tattoo style. Here I’ve found out that Sharpie’s don’t mix with water because I thought of making a more watercolor -ish design but unfortunately that doesn’t work. For the swirls on the koi egg I used a Copic marker with a paint brush tip which worked pretty nice with a bit of water.

japanese eggs 2

japanese eggs

And here we have a sugar skull which actually looks like an egg head which wasn’t meant to be but as it was the first egg I’ve painted I wasn’t aware of the bowing (and here you can still see traces of the pencil)

sugar skull egg

That was the first round of painting eggs. I plan one more session using something different. Don’t know yet. Wouldn’t have thought it could be so much fun. Before this year easter was all about eating chocolate and loads of lamb. But my creative juices are flowing now and I will not stop them :-)

Are you making easter deco yourself? What are you up to? Is anyone having an idea for a nice wreath? I’d love to see your suggestions.


Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!


  1. Jules kleines Freudenhaus Reply

    Yay in love with your tattoo eggs!
    Super Idee… Jetzt bruach ich nur noch jeamden zum ausblasen ;)

    Happy Weekend, Honey!
    P.S. Denkste an die Stempel? Bin noch hoch motiviert ;-)))
    10000 Dank!

  2. Emily@Easter decorations for the home Reply

    Easter egg decorating can be a fun activity and also a wonderful way to decorate your home.Your ideas are great for this.

  3. Lou, you just make me smile :)! I love the tattoo egg – so cool!!! And boy, you did a good job because eggs are so hard to draw on! I remember trying it a few years ago…it was a disaster :) maybe it’s time to try it again.
    .-= Piper´s last blog ..{taking the leap} =-.

  4. Lou these are brillant! The contrast between a classic Easter project and tattoo style is pure genious! (My favorite are the first 3).
    Well done!

    I’m not up to any special decoration for Easter… For the moment, at least… But I have another little DIY spring themed project that I’ll share asap!
    Wreaths: not specifically for Easter, but I collected a couple of ideas from great bloggers for Xmas that you might want to have a look at: http://www.dailysuze.com/blog5.php/2009/12/27/beautiful-today-best-diy-xmas-decorations-and-gifts
    Not sure they’re your style but I think the one with book pages would be great for Easter too, maybe with some pastel paper added and the pom pom one too, even if wool is certainly not very appropriate… :) But could be done with cotton I guess…
    .-= Suze´s last blog ..Beautiful Today (and undiscovered!): Leslieworks, hoop-framed appliques =-.

    • admin Reply

      oh cool. thanx for the inspiration. maybe the pom pom wreath in different colors and some painted pendant eggs will do the job. i’ll check that out! :-)

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