iswas + willbe is a young couple from portland who’s shop i recently discovered on etsy. i was very intrigued by their jewelry, the clear forms and the natural colors. then i read their interview which created lots of admiration for their work. they are very inspired by nature and infuse both of their interests into their pieces. telle loves “antiques, the humanities, and life’s idiosyncrasies” which represent ISWAS; rex contributes “his love for biological processes, space travel, and natural history” as WILLBE. a very interesting concept and it’s such a great way to work together. what i loved the most in the interview? this here:

What does handmade mean to you?
Integrity. Intimacy. Honesty. Respect.


i take my hat off to their beautiful work and their positive attitude towards nature, the handmade and crafts. many of us sellers could take a leaf out of their book and i wish more buyers would understand that, too!


Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!

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  1. allesistgut Reply

    Thanks for sharing. They make enchanting stuff. Love their definition of handmade! :)

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