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today i want to give you a short update of what’s happening here. you might have noticed a major change here on the blog. YES i finally have a new blog layout. dionne from studio chic design helped me getting this huge task accomplished and i couldn’t be happier. i thank her so much.

then yesterday i received a very sweet email from bastelwunder telling me that i’m featured on their blog. bastelwunder launched end of 2010 and is a treasure box of diy and fashion blogs from all over the world that are linked there.

lena wrote such a sweet article about happy serendipity that made me blush. it came totally unexpected and made my day. thank you! please visit bastelwunder and have a look at their links. it’s in german but you can find pretty blogs like ahoimeise or lobbelaina in german and english. check it out.

and this week i’ve been working on a custom order for a friend who needed something to give away to the kids of her friends. that here is what came out. a shirt for a boy with a little wale and one for a small 2year old girl with a balloon. i enjoyed this project so much that i decided to launch something for the little ones in my store soon. i haven’t yet figured it out but i’ll make something up.

for the kids

i am working on more custom orders right now and will show them to you soon. there will be a new page on the blog here for them. stay tuned.

have an awesome weekend and enjoy your free time. i’ll have some microwave popcorn now and relax!


4 Gedanken zu “latest news

  1. thank you honeys for all the compliments. i’m so happy it’s all done now. it was a big task and i’m glad it turned out so nicely.

    suze, aaahhh il bottone su daily suze! mille grazie bella. il nuovo layout è stato difficile da fare. ma sono molto contenta adesso. grazie mille per i complimenti cara!

  2. Lou, congratulazioni per bastelwunder, che soddisfazione, brava!
    La maglietta con la piccola balena è adorabile!

    Il nuovo layout del blog mi piace tanto e mi sembra che rispecchi molto di più il tuo stile.
    Per festeggiare i tuoi successi, sei il mio „friend of the day“ (col nuovo bottone!)


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