Making things with scraps

The other day I was doing something (ok… I was willing to shop online) and then I thought about something (hm…I wasn’t willing to spend 20 € on something I could easily do myself) and my conclusion was/is that within the DIY series that I have here every Wednesday I will include some posts WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH SCRAP FABRIC. Though I love big pieces of fabrics you cannot imagine what fabulous things you can do with lots of scraps.

One of those projects I will show you today. Some of you may know it already because it was included in one of my guests posts for Brigitte but I have to admit that I’m in the midst of doing my taxes for the first time and had meetings with my tax counselor that I couldn’t make the DIY that I had in mind for this week. But a fresh new project will be here next week and until then you can sew yourself this lovely patchworked belt. Let me show you how.

Actually when you have a lot of tiny pieces that fit together nicely you can sew them together until you have a bigger piece with which you have endless possibilities. For the belt, I chose my most loved fabrics, shades of blue and a bit of pink.

preparing a scrap fabric belt

I cut out many rectangular pieces in different widths. It depend on the scrap how thick or thin the piece turned out. I lined them all up. The colors all matched so I didn’t care much of the arrangement.

Sewing all pieces together takes some time, I have to admit. I sewed one long stripe that fit around my waist.

assembling the scrap fabric belt

Pressed all seams in one direction, folded the stripe into half (right sides facing each other) and sewed along the long side and closed one end.

Pressed and cut away the excess fabric. Turned inside out and pressed again. Slid 2 belt loops over the open end and stitched it up.

finished scrap fabric belt

This is a bit time consuming but makes a fabulous and unique summer belt nobody else has.

Next week we’ll sew the matching tank top accessories! :-) Stay tuned!



  1. Lou 27. Januar 2011

    good girls. i have some nice things in my mind and look forward too sharing them. though i forgot! next week it’s VALENTINE’s WEEK here on the blog. the scrap post will be here in 2 weeks. sorry. but there are some fabulous things planned for next week :-)

  2. Molly 27. Januar 2011

    I’m ALWAYS looking for projects that help use up my scraps. I love this! I’m going to add it to my list.

  3. Suze 27. Januar 2011

    I love when you do things with scraps! More more more!
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  4. frauheuberg 27. Januar 2011

    oh, wie cool…;)…wirklich tolle idee…really cute idea…its always exciting ti visit you here and look to your creative adventures…;)…have a lovley thursday…and a big hug…cheers…i…


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