DIY: Winter Door Wreath

Last week I’ve been to the craft fair again and on my (endless) shopping list I had some yarn and a styrofoam hoop to make us a door wreath for the winter season. I was inspired by this beautiful wreath by ItzFitz. It’s so simple and elegant. Unfortunately (but needless to say) the shipping costs are almost as much as the product price that I have difficulties convincing myself to buy it. Though I really adore those wreaths a lot.

„Necessity is the mother of invention“ I thought and so I bought some gray and violet yarn which I planned on wrapping around the hoop.

what was needed

But since I started knitting recently and couldn’t start sewing again due to the missing power plug of the new machine I spontaneously decided to knit the cover for the hoop (while watching the Blair Witch Project). Using he 3 different yarns I knitted along until the piece was long enough to surround the hoop. Simply wrapped it around and fixed it with needles. Put a vintage inspired (IKEA) glass heart in the middle and that was all it.

knitted wrap

the backside

winter wreath

That was one cheap project. The yarn was 7,50 € all together (but I didn’t use it all) and the hoop – ok that was a gift from my sister in law but how much can it be…? maybe 1 € max.

With the rest of the yarn I wrapped on of our candle glasses. Nice way of getting rid of leftover yarn.

wrapped candle glass

I’m a bit in love with knitting, I must confess. It calms me down and you can actually just sit around, knit and watch some TV or talk with someone… easy. Now I really want to learn how to knit other patterns other than just straight. Can’t be that hard.

And remember – in case you’re thinking that this tutorial is not for you as you can’t knit – go to youtube and check out all millions of knitting videos that are offered there. That’s how I learned it! Yes, it’s THAT easy and so much fun!

Spontaneous sewing

Last weekend we had M’s little 7-year old daughter Lea with us. This summer we took her to the zoo endless times but now that it’s so cold outside that’s not really an alternative. So this weekend we had the following conversation

Lea: „Lou, can we sew something?“

Lou: „Uhm… like what?“

Lea: „Don’t know! Just something I can take home. Maybe something that looks better than the other thing we did last time!“ (which was a heart shaped little pillow that turned out really creepy)

Lou thinks.

Lou: „What about…… a turtle?“

Big eyes. Nodding.


We drew a sketch of a very simple turtle. A rectangle with 4 legs, a head and a tail. Very basic as I know she gets bored fast (she’s 7 and it’s the weekend. i understand. but i still adore her for being interested in sewing).

the sketch

I had a piece of patchworked fabric leftover and some felt for the turtle’s shell and we used 2 buttons for the eyes.


Basically I drew all limbs directly onto the fabric and cut them out. Roughly. As it was supposed to be a kid’s toy I thought it would look nice when it’s a bit uneven.

bits and pieces

Lea cut out the shell from the felt. The scissors were too big for her little hands but she did a great job.

kiddo with scissors

While I sewed the legs and head and tail together she stuffed everything with the batting. For the blue shell she wanted to have a swirl on the felt and when it came to the middle I tried to stitch her name on it. I think you can read it. She loved it.


And this is the result after sewing around and around and turning it inside out and filling it with the rest of the batting. Very easy I swear and perfect for the little lady. She can use it as a toy and even as a little pillow.

james the turtle

That was a very spontaneous sewing project which I really enjoyed. It took about 45 minutes (choosing the fabric, drawing, cutting, sewing, explaining) and Lea was at the edge of being distracted already but still we finished the project and had a lovely result. Did you sew with kids? I’d be interested what other projects are suitable for young kids. Tell me your stories! :-)

Quick and Dirty – Recycle a „shrunk“ sweater

The other day I’ve found one of my favorite sweaters deep down in my closet only to realize it „shrunk“. Uhm… I remember that one day it didn’t fit anymore and makes me look fat but I still love it as it’s so warm and cozy. So what can you do? I decided to make a cardigan out of it in 3 easy peasy steps.

old sweater

Cut it open.

cut open

I used some scrap fabric that had the length of the cut and made two fabric stripes


which edges were folded to the middle to have something that looks like the right stripe.

fabric stripes

I pinned these stripes to the cut edge and sewed along.

fix it

15 mins later it was done. I attached one of my labels since I recently read it can be good to wear things you made yourself to promote and so I thought my label would be cool in there :-)


It looks very nice and it’s a quick adjustment that you can easily do even when you don’t have the slightest sewing skill. As long as you can stitch straight you don’t have to throw away your pullovers that you grew out of… uuhhmmm… I mean… pullovers that shrinked overnight! haha. Happy sewing.

Chevrons all over the place

Yeah.. I know. Chevrons are everywhere this year but I always need some time to fall in love with a design and Chevrons a really kinda stinking fabulous. I say now that I’ve seen them long enough to believe that they would fit great to our apartment.

So here’s what happened. This morning I received the newsletter from Hawthorne Treads – a fabric store I love and where I bought all fabrics for my chevron quilt (that is still lying there waiting to be finalized… argh). There they had a little picture of a little purse by Octopurse that I fell in love with and that made me decide to finally give in the urge to add some chevrons to our home.

3 clicks and a Paypal bill later I had this Anne Kelle Remix fabric and two more yards from Paula Prass.

I want to make some pillow covers for our couch that still needs some color and maybe something for the table. Let’s see.

While I was all caught up with this pattern I remembered a tutorial from Dana Made It that I once found in which you can make your own chevron fabric with striped fabric.

I think it’s a bit time consuming but I love the result a lot as it has this patchworked look and feel which I really like. Of course you can buy ready made fabric but this is a nice alternative though you have to be precise while sewing.

Another tutorial that I LOVE is the DIY chevron rug. Miggy needed a rug for the nursery and made one herself. Made of a cheapo white rug and painted with house paint.  Gosh… makes me want to paint. Anything!!

The result is just fantastic. The worn out style and the color combination rocks!

And there is one more: chevrons on canvas! Yay! Jess from Make under my life painted canvas with gold chevrons. Beautiful art! I see a big one of those (3 x 3 meters) in our living room. Maybe not gold. Taupe? Yes.

Though I’m almost a year behind I’m still glad to have found something that I really like to enhance our home. Our place is still a bit „under-styled“. I don’t want to paint the walls as it’s such a huge place and not ours so I we would have to paint it white again as soon as we move out and I really don’t want to bother. So I think a little rug here, a nice painting there and some pillow covers can do the job, too. I’ll keep you posted!

Lisboa Love

We’re back from Portugal and I feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to make this trip. It was just a sneak peak but still it was amazing. We stayed in a beautiful little hotel in Cascais by the Atlantic ocean and though it poured there was nothing better than to look at the water and relax.

Fortunately the second and third days were better and the sun came out a bit so I could take some great pictures from around our little town and of course some of Lisbon as well.

Cascais is right by the ocean and has a little harbor and a little beautiful lighthouse. A mermaid facing the sea…

Cascais Mermaid

Faro de Cascais

I loved this place. Everything was white, you had to cover your eyes from the reflection.

Faro de Cascais

Peace and love

The view from the lighthouse was just breath taking.

Atlantic Ocean

There were some things that I really liked about Cascais and Lisbon. Many many houses were covered with hand painted tiles, they had park benches covered with tiles, they decorated the whole city with them. The old architecture together with the tiles cause a great atmosphere.


Lisbon Tiles

Cascais Hotel

I have to find out why they arrange the floors like this. I’ve seen this in Manaus, Brazil already and now here they have it as well. There must be a meaning.

Cascais floor

In Lisbon modern design elements meet traditional buildings.



The street art was amazing. You can discover graffiti, stencils and stickers everywhere. And not the normal style you already know. Really good stuff!!

Street Art Cascais

Street Art Lisbon

Street Art Lisbon

We only saw a small part of wonderful Lisbon but enough to say we have to go back once more and check out the rest. The style of the city was totally different from what I knew. Mostly you have very old parts and buildings and other parts are very modern. Here you had both things united which makes sightseeing less exhausting. There are great things to discover everywhere.

That was our last trip for this year and I’m grateful for each of them. Now let’s be creative again!!

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