Lisboa Love

We’re back from Portugal and I feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to make this trip. It was just a sneak peak but still it was amazing. We stayed in a beautiful little hotel in Cascais by the Atlantic ocean and though it poured there was nothing better than to look at the water and relax.

Fortunately the second and third days were better and the sun came out a bit so I could take some great pictures from around our little town and of course some of Lisbon as well.

Cascais is right by the ocean and has a little harbor and a little beautiful lighthouse. A mermaid facing the sea…

Cascais Mermaid

Faro de Cascais

I loved this place. Everything was white, you had to cover your eyes from the reflection.

Faro de Cascais

Peace and love

The view from the lighthouse was just breath taking.

Atlantic Ocean

There were some things that I really liked about Cascais and Lisbon. Many many houses were covered with hand painted tiles, they had park benches covered with tiles, they decorated the whole city with them. The old architecture together with the tiles cause a great atmosphere.


Lisbon Tiles

Cascais Hotel

I have to find out why they arrange the floors like this. I’ve seen this in Manaus, Brazil already and now here they have it as well. There must be a meaning.

Cascais floor

In Lisbon modern design elements meet traditional buildings.



The street art was amazing. You can discover graffiti, stencils and stickers everywhere. And not the normal style you already know. Really good stuff!!

Street Art Cascais

Street Art Lisbon

Street Art Lisbon

We only saw a small part of wonderful Lisbon but enough to say we have to go back once more and check out the rest. The style of the city was totally different from what I knew. Mostly you have very old parts and buildings and other parts are very modern. Here you had both things united which makes sightseeing less exhausting. There are great things to discover everywhere.

That was our last trip for this year and I’m grateful for each of them. Now let’s be creative again!!

It was a good day

Last weekend we’ve finally been to the Oktoberfest in Munich. All day on the way there I was extremely excited (maybe scared, too) and when M said we have to eat at Burger King before meeting everyone at the Schützenfestzelt I knew it was going to be one of those days…

The Wiesn was FULL. People everywhere. Inside the tents, outside on the streets. Drunk people. Incredible. Even I was expecting it it was hard to believe. There were many many fun rides like this merry-go-round up in the sky and a free-fall tower (which we rode on Saturday and that made my heart miss several beats).

Oktoberfest 2010

The tents are really nice outside. The Spatenbräu had moving figurines roast a pig. Very nice.

Oktoberfest 2010

And here.. in the middle of the day drunk people lying everywhere taking a nap. But honestly… I liked that better than having them on the street being rude to others.

Oktoberfest 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

Our tent was the Schützenfestzelt that was almost full when we arrived.

Right in front of the Bavaria statue.

Bavaria at night

The starter menu.

Wiesn Food

And me with my first Mass with one of my Mass-Bands that I’ve sold in September. Throughout the night I drank 3 Mass. I still can’t believe that. After dinner we all stood on the benches and danced and sang to the songs the band played. Gosh that was FUN.

Oktoberfest 2010

Since I’m so tiny and people were all so tall I wasn’t able to make such great pictures. I only could take pictures of things that were above me. Which made me realize they had very nice signs leading to the public restrooms.

Oktoberfest 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

Being short is not always a disadvantage I guess :-)

That was our Wiesn experience. I would go there again but ONLY if we had a reservation for a table. The place is just too packed and I couldn’t stand in the middle of the tent all night doing nothing but avoid other people’s elbows. But overall it was great and fun and another check on something I haven’t done before.

The knitted scarf

After I ran out of wool last week and couldn’t run to the store to get more I had to wait until yesterday to finish my scarf. After the first ball of yarn was knitted I was very fast. The whole scarf took about 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s 20 cm wide and 150 cm long (7.8″ x 60″) and since I can’t yet knit round I had to sew the ends together with some left yarn.


I connected the ends by hand as the yarn wouldn’t fit in any needle. That’s what turned out and that I can now loop around my neck.


I’m so in love with this scarf. It’s ultra thick and warm and cozy and it was so incredibly easy to make. A week ago I didn’t knit in my life! Now I have a selfmade scarf – thanks to Paola and Youtube!

finished scarf

I can highly recommend Youtube as a source for tutorials. You can find anything there and sit in front of your PC and just learn how to do things. It’s so easy and for free. Just try it! You have thousands of possibilities.

I knit and knit and knit…

I never had much left for knitted things. Still don’t. But Paola inspired me so much this summer when she posted about her knitting adventures that I ran to the store just the day after we came home from our vacation and bought wool and needles. I really want to learn how to knit. Still I don’t plan to knit things to wear except of scarves or MAYBE a winter hat but I’m intrigued by knitting pillow covers or a blanket or a gumdrop pillow.

I searched online for tutorials and patterns and found this amazing site named Drops Design with amazing free patterns and descriptions and was so excited I couldn’t wait to hit the store to buy everything I needed to get started.

Uhm.. I never did this before so I looked for the easiest video tutorial on youtube and found one. Seemed easy! I had wool and needles just like the one that lady has in the video and sat in front of the Mac to try that scarf. The first row took me almost an hour to complete because I couldn’t handle the thick needles and the wool wouldn’t slide as easy as I thought but I got used to it and just let go of the thought I have to make it perfectly.

first knitting project

After 3 hours it looked like this and I didn’t want to stop anymore. It’s SO much fun!

first knitting

I will post an update in some days when the scarf is done.

Sardinia OUR love

Some of you might remember my post about Sardinia where I wrote about our upcoming trip to the most beautiful island. We’ve just returned from a week of sunshine, delicious food, salty air… I’m still overwhelmed and can’t believe that I’m back in the city with all the noise and different smells.

The trip was amazing and I would have never thought that I could relax in only one week. Actually right now it feels like we’ve been away for months and still I don’t realize I have to go to work again. But I’m not sad or angry that the week is over and that we’re back. This time it’s different because we swore to go back as soon as possible. This little island was my love already but M fell in love head over heels, too.

I knew this island my mom comes from already and couldn’t wait to show it to M. But now that I’m grown I valued the beauty of this heavenly place even more. Everywhere it’s very clean and neat, the air crisp and the waters crystal clear. This was the first time in my life where I just looked around and wasn’t able to grasp the beauty and the magic that this place conveys. And it’s only a 1,5 hour flight from where we live.

Sardinia is worth every penny and I can only highly recommend it to everybody.

Cala Sassari

Cala Sassari

Beach Baia Caddinas

Beach Baia Caddinas

We stayed at Golfo Aranci which is located 15 km east of Olbia. The north-east coast of Sardinia is the area I personally like best but other parts are amazing too. The coast is like paradise. This was the view we had from our room. Due to the little island Tavolara right in front of the coast the water was calm and quiet.

Hotel Baia Caddinas

In the caribbean you’ll find palms by the beach in Sardinia there are pine trees.

Cala Sassari

This is how they welcome you! :-)

Welcome to Costa Smeralda

Stella Maris church at Porto Cervo is just adorable. Overlooking the old port the building is kept very simple.

Stella Maris, Porto Cervo

Stella Maris, Porto Cervo

Yes and the food was heavenly. Normally we had this kind of lunch at the beach. Some cheese, salad and salami with a beer (or wine)…

Lunch at Cala Sassari

… or a little bit of pasta… homemade and fresh…

Spaghetti con la bottarga

… and the dessert… this is called Peretta and it’s slices of peretta cheese on the traditional Sardinian bread, put in the oven for some minutes so that the cheese melts a little bit and then covered with honey. Delicious.


Sardinia became our favorite place to be. It’s easy (and cheap) to reach and it feels like a different world. I’m proud that my roots are there and can’t wait to go back again.

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