Wiesn Woche – Accessory Galore

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While I tried to assemble my Wiesn outfit I found adorable accessories for the ladies.

Thomas Sabo makes adorable charms for either necklaces or bracelets (first row). You simply hang them on the chain and they make a nice individual piece of jewellery.

What amazed me that even Longchamp/Le Pliage that mostly offer very basic and traditional bags – not playful at all – offers a little leather bag for the Oktoberfest. The front reminds you of the traditional leather suspenders the guys wear with their leather pants. Very chic. Very expensive. 310 €

Another bag I found and instantyl loved was the BREZNBAG. That made me think „DOH, why didn’t you think of THAT?!“ It’s just too cool. The German designer Christine Münster invented this bag and uses high class materials like wild silk or velvet, the little logo is made of Svarovski diamonds… just too nice. And I think it’s even nicer than Longchamp and it’s only 180 €.

On Dawanda (our German Etsy) I’ve found 3 adorable pieces, handmade by undiscovered talents. Nice white lace cuffs with red hearts make a nice addition to every dirndl. I find them very elegant. Then there’s a fantastic handmade felt necklace with a big edelweiss flower. I really like unusual findings combined with traditional ones. The white clogs made me smile and imagine how sweet they would fit to every dirndl. The little deer pendant by „Die kleine Fee“ would make a great gift or you can put it on your dress as well.

There are so many things available that it’s hard to choose (again) what to buy. But there are all kinds of materials and styles available it makes it much easier to find something you really really like.

wiesn accessoires

Wiesn Woche – Finding the perfect dirndl

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Today I’m going to tell you about finding the perfect dirndl. The dirndl dress is essential for the Oktoberfest and women don’t go to the Wiesn without it. For me this was a task that almost made me go berserk. I thought I’d check the net, find one, order, try it on, keep, pay, done! YEAH RIGHT! I checked out the internet and found an insane number of different dirndls. And now – I mean I’m a woman looking for a dress – choose ONE. It took me 6 weeks and 7 dirndls to find the right one. After that the word alone made me scream.

It started with this one. The very first dirndl I liked very much though it made me feel like little red riding hood. I mean… I live in Hessen (German state) and I’m so not used to wear this kind of fashion except of maybe for carnival. It’s weird. Totally a Bavarian thing. Me with an apron…. Ok – but this dress was fine (that’s why I’m smiling) BUT the girls said it’s too large. It crumpled on the sides and they said if I can still breathe it’s too large. Actually I thought it’s too long but nooooo it was too large. NEXT.

red riding hood

This model here was exactly the size I needed (according to the girls). For me that was exactly the size that made me catch my breath. Standing was ok. Moving not so much. My boobs were right under my chin and I still wonder how we managed to close that dress. I didn’t like the color. On the screen it looked much better. NEXT.

green blue dirndl

The next dirndl looked fantastic on the model in the internet. It looked like a cleaning rag on me. It was too long, it was too large, the blouse had too many ruffles… uaahhhh. NEXT.

bridal dirndl

This one here was actually the one I liked best though the apron had a color that was not so much my taste but changing the apron would be no problem. I just thought the black would be too harsh. And by that time this one here arrived I already chose the one that I finally kept. While I waited for this 3 other ones arrived and in the end I chose

black dirndl

… this one! I just liked it when I saw it. It’s brown and the top and the skirt are in different colors, the apron is silky… it’s just fine. And I had to stop at some time, right?! Together with the little deer it’s a nice outfit.

lou and the dirndl

Though breathing is difficult in this one too. I maybe have to wear it at home before the Wiesn to stretch it a bit.

portrait with dirndl

And since I bought that in an online store I assume that there will be many many other women sporting this dress. So I thought I’d pimp it a little bit. I took the Tattoo Your Towel set from Sublime Stitching patterns and stitched along. First I wanted that banner but then I didn’t know what to write in it so I ended up stitching a heart.

pimp the dirndl

custom stitched dirndl

A simple way to enhance a piece of clothing. One of my favorites. It’s easy and with the fabulous patterns from Jenny Hart it’s done in no time.

That was the dirndl story. Looking for a wedding dress cannot be worse now at least I’m prepared :-)

Tomorrow I’ll show you a nice collection of fun accessories for the Oktoberfest so stay tuned.

Oktoberfest 2010 – It’s Wiesn Woche


I already teased on Friday that I’m going to have a special week here on the blog. It’s Oktoberfest Week and that is worth mentioning.

Here’s the story: this year it’s the first time I’m going to the Oktoberfest and since March I really dug into the topic due to a sewing order that I received. More on that on Wednesday. So this week I’m going to talk about this big ass German event that takes place in Munich, Bavaria, south of Germany. It’s a fest that lasts 2 weeks (this year it’s September 18th – October 3rd) and everyone shows up in traditional Bavarian costume and they drink LOTS OF BEER. Ask anyone who’s been there 3 things that come to his mind when they hear Oktoberfest. It’ll be „Beer“, „Munich“, „Dirndl“.

The Oktoberfest (also called Wiesn) is one big event. Millions of people from all over the world go there to squeeze themselves into a tent together with 3,000 others to drink beer and have a good time. Yes! In one tent there are up to 3,000 people, in some tents even 8,000. I still can’t believe that until I saw it. There are 15 tents on the Wiesn. Some are bigger and some are smaller. Here are some impressions of the inside of some tents.

Hacker Pschorr Tent at the Oktoberfest, Munchen


So basically people go there in traditional Bavarian costume and eat and drink and dance.

The beer…. in Bavaria people drink beer as if it was water. You can order a beer for lunch and no one would ever look at you strange considering this time of day too early. Now on the Wiesn you don’t get a glass of beer. It’s a bucket! A bucket that contains 1 liter of beer. That’s 33.8140 fl.oz. And I tell you – German beer is strong. Last year on my first visit to Bavaria (Martin is from there) I’ve tried to drink one of those. Look at the dimension of the glass alone….


After one of those beers you can imagine how I felt. Some days I can’t manage to drink a liter of water, let alone beer. Anyway. That’s the way it is and either you follow the rules or you don’t.

And now imagine a tent with 3,000 people. Thirsty people. Somehow the beer needs to come to their tables, right? I don’t know how those ladies are capable of handling so many full glasses. I’ve seen it. They carry 10 – 15 glasses of beer, with a whistle in their mouth. Incredible.

What’s typical as well are the nice decorated gingerbread hearts. They come in all sizes with different texts. Sweet.

Gell du mogst mi

The area from above.

That was part one of my Wiesn Woche (Week). In the course of the week I’ll be showing you my drama of finding the right Dirndl Dress, what I did to it to make it more unique, I’m having a Wiesn Sale of things that I’ve been sewing and some other nice facts about his German event. I hope you enjoy it.

Sewing ruffle pants for my baby niece

Here’s my second sewing project I did for my little precious niece. It’s a ruffled pant from a pattern I bought on Etsy. Thought the description said it’s for beginners I found it a bit tricky. There were many terms I didn’t know and I had to look many things up but it turned out fine.

I only had one piece for the pant and 3 pieces for the ruffles, a thin and a thick piece of elastic band.

what you need

As mentioned in my previous post I had no clue how to make ruffles. The tutorial of this pattern described it but still I couldn’t imagine it. Therefore I checked YouTube and found a pretty good video on how to make fabric ruffles. The secret behind it is you have to chose the longest stitch so that the stitch isn’t so tight because you have to pull the bobbin thread after sewing so the fabric ruffles.

Before ruffling I sewed a very small hem on each stripe.


Then came the ruffles.

preparing the ruffle

ruffled fabric

I did this with all the 3 different fabric stripes which I sewed on the pantie one after the other. I found that difficult since the fabric was crumpled and I lost some of the ruffles by pulling the stripe.

attaching the ruffle

Here you can see that the ruffles are not as wavy as the stripe was before I sewed them on. But still you can say it’s a ruffle.

3 ruffles

Now I could close the sides of the pantie…

sew the sides together

…and insert the elastic band. Tricky again. As shown in the YouTube ruffle video I had to pull the elastic as it was shorter than the leg opening. Hassle! And my machine didn’t always hit the elastic. My patience faded. When the elastic was finally sewn on I turned it inside and had to sew over it again to have a nice cuff.


I had to do this 3 times. 2 legs and around the belly.


And all of a sudden the pantie was done. This took about an hour and some minutes. Not as easy as I thought but still the result is pretty lovely.

finished front

finished ruffled back

And it fit!! YAY. Now that my niece starts to walk the ruffles will always happily bounce around. I really enjoyed this!

baby niece with ruffle panties

That was sewing with a pattern number 2. Tricky but I realize as more as I practice the better it gets. I really fail better every time I sew. Have no fear! I can’t tell you often enough.

And another tip: I get asked many times whether I attended a sewing class or in general how I learned to sew. I made one class where every student could sew whatever he wanted and the teacher would tell you what to do. I decided to learn things I would frequently do as shorten the legs of a pair of jeans (I always have to) and I sewed a Gumdrop Pillow. That class taught me nothing about what needle to use, how I have to set my machine, what threads I would need etc. Basically I have no clue on sewing techniques. I just sew and when I face a problem there is still Google and even better YouTube. You can really type in anything you want and watch a video about it. That is my class. I learn from just doing it and YouTube. :-) So don’t be afraid and think you need a class. As long as you have the internet available you have the class right there. And each project will teach you a lesson.

Have a fabulous Saturday!

Sewing an Elsie Baby Dress for my niece

Last week for my baby niece’s first birthday I thought of sewing her a beautiful little dress. Of course! I found this beautiful Elsie Dress Pattern on Etsy. It was delivered as a PDF file and that’s actually the very first time I used a pattern to sew something. Go figure! It’s so darn easy it only took 45 minutes to complete.

I printed out the pattern, cut it out and placed it on the fabric as described in the pictures that came with the pattern. The dress is made of 3 big pieces and 2 pieces for the ruffled arms.

5 pieces of fabric make a little dress

Now it’s only 3 steps: sew the 2 small pieces for the back onto the front part.

sew 3 pieces together

The ruffle had to be folded in half and sewed together.

ruffle arm

The round edge had to be sewn into the round part of the arm (as shown here). Actually it was supposed to be ruffled but the pattern didn’t explain how to make ruffles in a way I would understand so I left it straight. The ruffled part I learned in the other sewing project I made for my niece (will post it on Saturday).

sew ruffle arm

After the arms were done the rest was easy and quick. 3 straight seams – 2 sides and one in the back.

sew side

sew back

FERTIG! Yes it was THAT easy! I tell you: don’t be afraid of using patterns. Just follow the instructions and even when you stumble over a part you don’t really get you can figure it out. I think the dress looks gorgeous with straight arm wings, don’t you think?

completed dress

The two pieces of the back are not sewn together completely. I left a bit of 10 cm open so Tiny could put her head through the whole and added a small fabric button made of the same fabric.

button detail

Ah ok… AND I added some white binding around neck and the bottom that I had leftover from the baby kimono I did some months ago.

That is just lovely. A perfect little project I enjoyed much because it didn’t drive me nuts and everything was nice and easy to understand and it didn’t take ages. The other present I sewed was different. Let me tell you more on Saturday :-)

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