Carnival – A tribute to Rio de Janeiro

It’s carnival time. In Germany and in Rio. Today the famous parades in Rio de Janeiro start. I’ve been there in 2008 and it was the most amazing trip I’ve ever done. A 3 week round trip through the whole country visiting most hidden places.

I dedicate this post to a beautiful city that I miss a lot and that I definitely have to visit again. And again. Please have a look.

rio christ heart

rio christ





And just to come back to the subject one more picture for you to crack up a bit. We visited the sambadrome where the big parades take place every year. It’s actually a street, 800 m long and the audience sits on the left side with full view over the happening. There is a little booth by the entrance. It’s a museum that displays some costumes and where women work handcrafting costumes for the next year. It’s a big business in Rio. For a handful of coins you choose a costume and you can go outside and take a picture. The outfit is super heavy and I cannot imagine a woman to wear that and dance the samba at the same time without looking like a bobble head. I chose the TREE costume :-)

carnival lou

Valentine’s presents

I’ve found this wonderful tutorial for a nice crafty valentine’s day present here at Paper n Stitch the other day. With my 8 hour job and loads of work there I wasn’t in the creative mood to think of something myself. So now I made this. It’s really easy and a nice keepsake.

I still had some binding leftover from my christmas quilt that was perfect for this as it was long and already sewn together. Quickly went to the craft store and got me a glass of white fabric color. Of course I had a roll of thread so I could start right away. I love projects that are so easy and don’t require tons of material so that you can do it with the stuff you have at home.

Valentine's present 1

Valentine's present 2

Valentine's present 3

Valentine's present 4

Done! The stamping required some time actually. But it’s worth it.

That was part one of my DIY valentine’s surprise. I banned my boyfriend from my blog until Sunday so I could show you my latest projects. :-)

Audrey Kawasaki

Ok… when I doodle it looks like this:

When Audrey Kawasaki doodles it looks like this:

if only she knew

She calls it doodles, I call it the best art I’ve seen for a long time. I was so in awe when I saw these.

Audrey Kawasaki is a painter who lives in Los Angeles and known for her portrayals of young girls. Mostly she paints with oil on wood panels.

Please visit her website and be amazed.

There it is – the second kiss-lock bag

I did this purse this morning and put a lot of effort in making it symmetric and proper. This time I didn’t use so much glue and tried to put the glue on the fabric before swatting it into the frame. Both ways worked (glue in frame and glue on fabric). I let the glue dry a little bit as well.

So happy about this one. I hope my friend will like it, too. Happy Birthday my lovely.