My first quilt – Part 3 – Sewing and embroidery

After spending hours of cutting out the pieces I sew them all together. Not much of a problem actually even though the pieces were all uneven. So I just placed them together so that they at least look right and sew my day away. Took me 5 hours. This took all my concentration and thoughts that I totally forgot to eat. Anyway. This is what came out

front top

back top

Yeah.. today I learned that I’ve pressed the seams wrong. Don’t care. Nobody will see this :-)

iron on

Then I added some Kurt Halsey bird and fireflies iron-ons for later embroidery. The patterns come from Sublime Stitching. It’s a simple iron-on that you cut out before and place on the fabric. Press. Done.


The outcome after 2 hours



Sometime this week then I will handquilt the 3 pieces together. Stay tuned :-)

My first Quilt – Part 2 – Holy moly

Yesterday evening I couldn’t resist starting to cut out the pieces for the top. Right. First idiocy that happened was that somehow the blocks of the Dick & Jane fabric were NOT ALL the same size. So the piece that I measured BEFORE calculating the sizes of the other pieces were NOT the same size of the other blocks. Actually it was the ONLY one not being the same size as the rest. After thinking about it I decided not to freak out but just leave the block as is and accept that it will be a little bit smaller than the rest. Who cares?! (ok, maybe Martha Stewart does…. ). But nevertheless I had to adjust the hight of the rest of the blocks. Then I realized that the pink fabric kinda deformed after washing. The edges weren’t even anymore. It was a hassle cutting the pieces and while cutting I could tell they’d become misshaped. I really  hope I can fix it somehow when I sew them together later today (my enthusiasm is slowly fading).

Furthermore I realized I didn’t consider the pieces of the patchwork blocks in my yardage so now I have to return to the store again to get some more fabric for the binding (that is ok though). I have no idea WHY but when I put the pieces together after cutting they didn’t quite fit together. Oh my…. this turns out to be more difficult than I thought and now I know why quilted things you can buy somewhere are so freakin‘ expensive. You pay for blood, sweat and tears as well. :-)

This is the result

quilt top

Now that I’m looking at it I don’t know if the white of the D&J fabric really looks good. But I will not change it now.

And if all this isn’t enough to deal with – my tailor’s chalk fell down the table and broke. Great…


At least I know what to tell my mom this year when she asks me what I want for christmas. A class where I can learn how to cut fabric straight and properly….

Stay tuned for part 3.

My first Quilt – Part 1 – Stoffwerk Kelkheim

My baby niece asked me for a soft blanket that keeps her warm and protected. Her wish is my demand and so I’m going to make my first quilt. I do have some sewing experience but I’ve never done anything bigger than Amy Butlers Gum Drop Pillows or cosmetic bags for my girls. Sometime last year I bought this great Dick & Jane fabric and this is the perfect opportunity to use it. But actually this was my first and only idea regarding fabrics. This week I ordered some chocolate brown fleece with polka dots for the back. Yesterday I searched the net for nice matching fabrics and was dissatisfied with what I’ve found because I couldn’t look and feel before buying. This morning I decided to go to this little store in the town where I used to live and made the best shopping experience EVER. The ladies at Stoffwerk are friendly, helpful and do perfect consulting when you’re a bloody beginner just as I am. She helped me choosing two matching fabrics after she brewed me a cup of coffee. Furthermore (and that was the sweetest thing) she explained and showed me how to bind the quilt. Took 2 pieces of scrap fabric, sewed it and gave it to me for reference. Isn’t that lovely. I will NEVER again order anything from the net just to help to keep this store alive. I can’t tell how grateful I am for the helpful tips and tricks she gave me. It’s written in all of my books but that was better than any book can ever explain.

Here is what I’ve got

ingredients for the baby blanket

The Dick & Jane fabric is separated in several image blocks. I will use four of them (without the blue/white background). Here’s my plan that I’ve made to have a better understanding on how it will be and how much fabric I need (M is for the D&J block)

quilt plan

I pray to all sewing gods available that I’ll be able to do this properly and without any major problems. The lady at the store told me to come back anytime should problems occur.

Look at the scrap fabric she gave me for binding reference so I don’t mess it up at home

binding reference

I really recommend this store to anyone I know and wish more stores would treat their customers like they do. That is truly special.

Now I’ll prewash the new fabric and tomorrow I will sew the patchwork blocks and maybe maybe the whole top as well. Let’s see. This will be an adventure. Stay tuned for part 2.

Advent, Advent…

I never cared much about the advent season before. But now I have 120 square meters to decorate and a hubby to make happy. :-)

So this year we have scented vanilla candles in each room and since yesterday a christmas countdown in the dining room, too. 24 envelopes with fotos and little motivational quotes on the back which I stamped on (each single letter!). The red envelopes have silver number stickers from Depot, the envelopes are from ebay. Like laundry they were hung up on a red and white ribbon across the wall. What bothers me is that I didn’t have enough wooden clothes pins so I had to take 5 black plastik ones (this comes from not planning your project properly… nothing new to me…). Strolling around the stores I found two very nice details to add. It’s a little felt christmas tree with small bells and a little red ball with his name on it. That’s cute.

content calendar

that’s what is inside the red envelopes – foto with quote


calendar detail

The dining room table is the place where he has breakfast each morning and needed some decoration as well. So now he has a great view over the Taunus, the christmas calendar and this:

dining table

And the christmas „wreath“ came out like this:


I wrapped the candles with a „Merry Christmas“ ribbon at the bottom. Onto the wood-frame I added little and big silver bells that give a lovely tone everytime you move the wood, spices as cinnamon rolls and star anise for a great smell, dried orange and red paper apples. It touches every sense and makes our home cozy and warm. (ok.. the costers are just funny anyway :-)

Always remember – A good home must be made, not bought. (Joyce Maynard)

Rainy Day… not for me!

I have a cold and can’t go to work. The antibiotics do a great job and I start to become bored. Yesterday I slept all day so I was wide awake at night so I started a little project. A cute little mobile for my baby niece. I’ve seen this once somewhere online and thought it can’t be that difficult.

That’s what I needed:  sheets of felt, leftover thread, scissor, magic marker (I didn’t use the embroidery hoop but when I took this picture I thought I would)


Freehand drawing of a cloud and some waterdrops.

clouds and drops

While I did the handstitching I thought next time I’ll sew with the machine. But it was midnight and that would have been a little too much in the middle of the night. And the handstitch gives it a nice crafty touch. The whole mobile looks like a big doodle :-)

the doodle cloud

My initial idea was to stitch my nieces‘ name on the waterdrops (a letter per drop) but… I already mentioned that it was around midnight, right… so I added letter beads on the drops