perfect spring outfits

3 more than perfect spring outfits that i adore

* the beige dress from emerson made is my actual favorite dress by them. so sad i cannot afford $228 (but i have a similar sewing pattern soon so i can make me one… and one day i’ll get me all the poppy flower pins and clutches and more outfits :-) * so i will wear the casual sailor look. actually – this is more or less what i wear right now while typing this :-) * burberry was never my cup of tea but that dress with those shoes and all just rocks.


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6 Gedanken zu “perfect spring outfits

  1. hello amanda. thank you for stopping by. that outfit is so nice and you should definitely get red flats :-) hope you have a great outfit day.

  2. I came here from Kaelah’s blog and I thought I should let you know I totally used the second look today. With a few exceptions. (I don’t have red flats). Thanks for making my wardrobe choice for today super easy!

  3. maddy! i’m glad it arrived and that you love it :-)
    yeah, the dress will be the next thing on my agenda.

  4. Can’t wait to see your version of the dress! I’m sure you’ll do a stellar job. BTW – I got my pouch! Thank you! I loved everything, including your adorable packaging. As soon as I get myself situated, I’ll be posting pics on the blog. Thanks again :)
    Maddy recently posted..Pugly Pixel Giveaway

  5. yeah they are expensive but worth every single penny. a friend of mine has a clutch and a dress and a flower brooch and they are made of the greatest fabrics and just beautiful!! i’d rather spend all my money there than at any other store (if i just could) :-)

  6. I love anything and everything emerson made! I’m actually started to try to make the bag she’s holding in this pic – it’s over $100 on the website- yikes. Their stuff is expensive – but very beautiful!

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