project 365 * first week of may

the first week of may looked like this…

may 1, 2012

may 1 – the sewing room needs some make-up. that’s the plan i made over the weekend

may 2, 2012

may 2 – i had a breakdown at the office due to being totally stressed out and need some serious rest. i’m an official burn-out patient now. and i hate it.

may 3, 2012

may 3 – the couch is my new place to be. i can’t do anything else but sit still.

may 4, 2012

may 4 – sometimes i look out the window. the weather looks like my mood.

may 5, 2012

may 5 – we had good friends over. enjoyed that a lot and the mood changed into something more positive.

may 6, 2012

may 6 – my appetite came back. 3 eggs on toast.

may 7, 2012

may 7 – my sweet, sweet martin made me dessert. he’s not leaving my side these days.

yes that’s basically what’s happened and i’m still in this condition. not leaving the house much, can’t really motivate myself doing anything, my blood pressure is so low i’m constantly exhausted and i wonder how long it will take until i feel normal again. all this feels so weird and i’ve never felt more helpless in my life. never thought that too much stress could cause all this. did you ever experienced this? what did you do?

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