paris week – DIY in paris

today i’m going to show my crafty loot that i bought in paris. there i’ve found the cutest fabric stores * petit pan and sensitive et fils * both in marais of course. both right by the metro station saint paul, filled with the most beautiful fabrics and waxed cotton. i also loved the big colorful buttons though i don’t have an inspiration yet what to do with it but i couldn’t resist.

diy loot

a diy stitching kit from maxine sutton i’ve found at bensimon. i’m looking forward to fall when i can sit on the couch, watch a nice movie, stitch those beauties and make some lavender sachets from them.

diy loot

and another store i found by serendipity was la petite manufacture at 57 boulevard beaumarchais, 75003 Paris – where you can buy everything to make your own jewellry and buy ready-made pieces as well. i bought material for a pair of scissor earrings and something to make me a paris necklace with some hearts and the eiffel tower. looks very pretty!


paris necklace

in this little shop for fabric and notions in a backyard of marais i was in awe looking at the beautiful liberty fabrics (28€ per meter – ay…) and tons of buttons and the beautiful interior. they knew how to style their pretty shop.


and finally : l’oisive thé was the ONLY place i knew BEFORE i went to paris that i want to visit. there was an article in molly makes and it was worth the visit in the 13. arrondissement of paris (1 rue jean-marie jégo, 75013 paris).

l'oisive thé

while it was boiling hot outside i sat in the little shop, drinking something i’ve never drank (water with mint syrup), ate a salad i’ve never had, read a book i didn’t know – all this in the beautiful atmosphere of hand-dyed-yarns that were ready to be transformed into something lovely.

at the l’oisive thé you can buy the yarns and also join a knitting group every wednesday night. other than that you can drink loads of different teas and have delicious little meals. all this inspired me a lot in different ways. i would like to be a better knitter and maybe it even made me wish i had my own little diy shop so i can finally do what i love in life. i’m sure it did caused something major in my head but i’m yet not sure what exactly it was. i’ll know soon.

l'oisive the

i hope you liked my little round-up about paris these last 2 weeks. if you have any further questions just post a comment and i will do my best to answer everything. xoxo, L

paris week – shopping in paris

one thing for sure: bring your credit cards. all of them. or make sure you filled your piggy bank well enough before you go to paris. we were lucky to come while there’s summer sale (YAY) so i could enjoy all the good shops and beautiful products.

if you’re keen on shopping the big designers – go ahead – you’ll find them around champs élysée or gallery lafayette. yawn.. mostly they let you wait in long lines before they let you in (picture below shows the abercrombie shop and LV) and that is nothing i will ever support.

long lines

so my tip if you want to check out little indie designers and accessories you’d better visit marais. can’t say that often enough. marais rocks! there i’ve found the cutest things like little vases, lovely necklaces, some things for our home and some great 100% linen tops which i LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.


* a necklace (no-name shop in the middle of marais) *glass vase „potion magique“ and grey bamboo spoons from bensimon * little neon bowl vases from les emporte pièces * olive oil from a l’olivier * a luxurious long and wide dark grey silk shawl from american vintage


the 100% linen tops come from majestic filatures and are insanely soft and comfortable. i bought two tank tops – one is plain white, the other has binding made of liberty of london fabric; a pink shirt (also with liberty binding) and a light-blue-violetish cardigan. all those items were made in heaven and are very special!


a little top with bottoms on the back and another linen top with neon pink zipper on the back from a little boutique names i HEART noa on 45, rue de turenne, 75003 paris (also in marais)


marais is so fabulous that i went there on 4 of 5 days of our stay and i always discovered more fantastic little shops. it’s really lovely there.

a cafe that turned out to sell its decoration was les emporte pièces at 17 rue du pont louis philippe, 75004 paris. it was the first place i found in marais – at that time i didn’t know i was in the greatest hood of paris. the young woman who served me delicious tea and cookies and let me charge my phone created the most special place. the interior was styled with such care and a good eye, the tables were old and the chairs were all different… it was just lovely and the cafe had good karma. i sat there for quite some time and wrote into my journal and made some pictures. loved it!

les emporte pieces

in general i had the impression in paris you can buy things that you don’t see in frankfurt. i felt like i lived in the most unattractive place when it comes to shopping. really. the boutiques in paris are really special and filled with so many great items. and even the pastry shops made an effort to make everything look lovely and magnificent. i don’t see that so often…


and a big shout out goes to the food packaging i’ve found in ordinary grocery shops. unbelievably good and well done! beverages with very nice labels, quinoa salad in weck jars and coke light in gaultier aluminum bottles. WHY on earth doesn’t every food company invest some money in good packaging design?! the french know how to handle this obviously (i don’t even like kéfir and bought it anyway!!)


paris didn’t turn me into a total shopping victim but what i’ve bought is very dear to me since i can’t get anything of it here and so my goodies will always remind me of our trip. i’m more into quality than quantity after all.

i hope i could inspire you a bit for your next vacation in paris.