cloud felt brooch

it’s my 2.5 day on the couch and though i can’t really concentrate on doing something i feel very bored. that has also a lot to do with the ridiculous tv program during the day. so while i’m watched bad tv i did a little project to light up my mood.

since i rarely wear jewelry but still like a some adornment i’ve made a cloud brooch (again) from a piece of felt.

cloud felt brooch

first i cut out a cloud shaped piece, stitched around with blue yarn and then attached colorful buttons and the brooch needle. easy.

cloud felt brooch

my current jacket is made of wool felt so they make a great match. love these small and quick projects… :-)

hello spring brooch

Today I want to share a little tutorial that I did the other day using a small piece of fabric.

The piece was about 8 x 10 cm (3.1 x 2 inches). I folded it into half and drew a cloud on it. Stitched around (doesn’t have to be 100% exact), left a small bit open and turned inside out.

cloud brooch

Stuffed it with some batting and closed the opening with some hand stitches. With light blue thread I stitched a little happy face on the front and with the same thread a safety pin on the back.

cloud brooch

This will be my spring friend and make me smile when it rains outside. 20 minutes for a happy accessory. Have fun making it yourself!

Rainy Day… not for me!

I have a cold and can’t go to work. The antibiotics do a great job and I start to become bored. Yesterday I slept all day so I was wide awake at night so I started a little project. A cute little mobile for my baby niece. I’ve seen this once somewhere online and thought it can’t be that difficult.

That’s what I needed:  sheets of felt, leftover thread, scissor, magic marker (I didn’t use the embroidery hoop but when I took this picture I thought I would)


Freehand drawing of a cloud and some waterdrops.

clouds and drops

While I did the handstitching I thought next time I’ll sew with the machine. But it was midnight and that would have been a little too much in the middle of the night. And the handstitch gives it a nice crafty touch. The whole mobile looks like a big doodle :-)

the doodle cloud

My initial idea was to stitch my nieces‘ name on the waterdrops (a letter per drop) but… I already mentioned that it was around midnight, right… so I added letter beads on the drops