easy diy – doily recycling

erinnert ihr euch noch daran, als papier spitzendeckchen groß in mode waren und wir so ziemlich alles was uns entgegen kam damit dekoriert haben? also ich finde, die zeiten sind vorbei und es war schön, aber jetzt ist einfach schluss mit romantik, da muss was moderneres her. * do you remember the times when we decorated everything with a paper doily? i loved it but i think we need a new packaging trend.

wenn ich auf märkten bin und aus dem stand verkaufe, lege ich trotzdem wert auf ein schönes packaging, aber da muss es ratz-fatz gehen. früher hab ich die ware schnell in einen braune papiertüte gesteckt, doily ran, fertig, und jeder freute sich. jetzt mit dem neuen blog layout verwende ich weiße tüten und weiße doilys sehen darauf eben nach nix aus. und damit ich die restlichen 200 spitzen nicht wegschmeißen muss, hab ich sie ein bisschen aufgehübscht. * when i’m selling my goods at craft fairs i still want my customers to receive a nice packaging. but it has to be quick and easy so the doilies were always a good alternative. put the good into a brown paper bag, attach the doily, done! but now i use white paper bags and white doilies just look stupid. so what was i supposed to do with the 200 leftovers?

in dem örtlichen graffitti-malbedarf-laden habe ich mich vor einiger zeit mit den wichtigsten farben die man so braucht eingedeckt. also sprühfarbe gibt es genug in diesem haushalt. * i always have a collection of spray paint ready so i grabbed the turquoise can and sprayed all over the doilies.

türkis geschnappt, doilys ausgelegt und dann gemerkt, dass alles durcheinander flattert wenn man sprüht.

pimp the doily

was einen schönen effekt ergab, weil die spitzen unterschiedlich schön farbe abbekommen haben. also extra mal so drapiert. * when i sprayed the first set they all tangled up which looked actually very nice. so i’ve put them all onto each other to receive this nice texture.

pimp the doily

sprüh, sprüh, sprüh.

pimp the doily

an die frische luft hängen und ausstinken lassen. * when they were done i’ve put them outside to get rid of the smell.

pimp the doily

und so sahen dann die päckchen auf der letzten stijl aus. mit neon pinker tinte noch das tütchen bestempelt, doily ran. schön. ganz einfach und ich kann jetzt locker die restlichen spitzen verwerten. * and this is how my recent packaging at the fair looks like. people are happy which makes me happy and i have a good solution to recycle the rest of my doilies.

pimp the doily


Advent, Advent…

I never cared much about the advent season before. But now I have 120 square meters to decorate and a hubby to make happy. :-)

So this year we have scented vanilla candles in each room and since yesterday a christmas countdown in the dining room, too. 24 envelopes with fotos and little motivational quotes on the back which I stamped on (each single letter!). The red envelopes have silver number stickers from Depot, the envelopes are from ebay. Like laundry they were hung up on a red and white ribbon across the wall. What bothers me is that I didn’t have enough wooden clothes pins so I had to take 5 black plastik ones (this comes from not planning your project properly… nothing new to me…). Strolling around the stores I found two very nice details to add. It’s a little felt christmas tree with small bells and a little red ball with his name on it. That’s cute.

content calendar

that’s what is inside the red envelopes – foto with quote


calendar detail

The dining room table is the place where he has breakfast each morning and needed some decoration as well. So now he has a great view over the Taunus, the christmas calendar and this:

dining table

And the christmas „wreath“ came out like this:


I wrapped the candles with a „Merry Christmas“ ribbon at the bottom. Onto the wood-frame I added little and big silver bells that give a lovely tone everytime you move the wood, spices as cinnamon rolls and star anise for a great smell, dried orange and red paper apples. It touches every sense and makes our home cozy and warm. (ok.. the costers are just funny anyway :-)

Always remember – A good home must be made, not bought. (Joyce Maynard)