letztens bin ich im app store für den mac auf ein programm gestoßen, das den völlig unspektakulären namen ticke-tack trägt. keine ahnung was mich dazu bewogen hat es herunter zu laden (wahrscheinlich weil es kostenlos ist :-),  aber ich bin so froh darüber, das ich es tat, denn jetzt ist mein bildschirm hintergrund wundervoll gestaltet und zeigt mir die uhrzeit in worten an.

the other day i’ve discovered a new app at the app store for mac. ticke-tack is for free and provides you wonderful desktop backgrounds with the time written in words. you can choose your language and many many images.


im moment steh ich sehr auf naturmotive, saß ich schließlich sehr lange nicht mehr vor dem computer und irgendwie beruhigts mich. es gibt zig hintergründe auszuwählen und manchmal wackelt die schrift ein bisschen, manchmal ist sie im bild versteckt… eine bunte vielzahl wunderschöner bilder gibt es zu entdecken.

it’s truly a beautiful app since i love images of nature so much right now and the time in words is designed in a pretty way. sometimes it dangles, sometimes the words are hidden in-between the image… lovely! 

ticke-tack menu

wenn ihr auch an einem mac sitzt und den app store habt, schaut doch mal vorbei. es ist kostenlos und wirklich total super! if you have access to the app store go get that app. it’s for free. 


november 2012 desktop wallpaper

guten tag lieber november. from one week to the next it became winter in this crazy country and whoozaaa it’s cold and rainy. i love this! time for a new desktop calendar as well. the foxes are dressed warm and cozy and look just too cute. hope you enjoy!



resources: papers + elements by robyn meierotto *** font: sail


october 2012 desktop wallpaper


gosh i really didn’t see october coming so soon. it’s like i’m living in a bubble totally ignoring time and space :-) but actually i consider this a good thing. though i must admit i’m still not feeling very creative at the moment and crafty projects are nowhere to be seen on any of my to do lists. so i’m very happy that i could at least concentrate on this month desktop calendar. i really like the colors that i came up with. these kind of tasks are not easy for me right now so i have to appreciate every little step.

here you can download all the sizes you need: ipad – iphone2560 x 14001920 x 12001680 x 12001680 x 10501280 x 10241280 x 800

and tomorrow there will be loads of pictures and little stories about what’s going on in the clinic.

kisses to all you sweet people.


september 2012 desktop wallpaper

september is my favorite month of the year i must admit. because it’s still sunny and warm outside but i’m looking forward to the evenings that i can spend cuddling on the couch watching a nice movie. fall rocks. so – HELLO SEPTEMBER.

enjoy this new desktop calendar for all your devices. xoxo


ipadiphone1280 x 8001280 x 10241600 x 12001680 x 1050

1920 x 1200  – 2560 x 1400

font: amatic sc

elements: paislee press headliners & up and away

july 2012 desktop calendar

hui i’m running late with this desktop calendar this month due to not being able to upload anything. our internet these days is not working very well so everything is a little bit slow. this month is inspired by our trip to paris last week. i hope you enjoy. next week i’ll show and tell about the trip. it was the best vacation ever. au revoir mes amis!


iphone * ipad * 2560 x 1400 * 1920 x 1200 * 1680 x 1050 * 1600 x 1200 * 1280 x 1024 * 1280 x 800