handmade favorites

hallöchen. heute hier ein paar meiner handgemachten lieblinge aus der letzten zeit.

howdy! today i’m going to share some handmade goodies that i’ve recently found.

renna deluxemorgen fahre ich mit der lieben renna deluxe nach berlin zum hello etsy workshop und von ihr habe ich auch diesen phänomenalen organisator für mein büro schreibtisch bekommen. er war mal ein buch und jetzt kann ich zwischen seinen seiten meine zettelwirtschaft bändigen. klappt ganz gut bisher und ich freue mich jedes mal wenn ich ihn sehe, auch weil er mein erster giveaway gewinn ist. toll was? und sonst hat renna deluxe noch andere tolle papeterie und stoff artikel in ihren shops auf dawanda und etsy. eine ihrer girlanden habe ich schon verschenkt und karten schon verschickt. die sind wirklich schön und ich freue mich sie besser kennen zu lernen.

tomorrow i’ll drive to berlin together with the lovely renna deluxe to participate at the hello etsy workshop. and she was the one to give me a great card holder for my office desk. it always puts me in a good mood to see it because it was the first time to win a giveaway. it’s made of a piece of a book and now there are plenty of notes inbetween the pages. i love this. renna has many more great paper and fabric items in her shops on dawanda and etsy. i gave away one of her garlands once and sent away a card, too. a very lovely and special shop and i’m looking forward getting to know her better.

handmade favorites

außerdem habe ich diese wunderbaren stoffbezogenen magnete gefunden, die jeweils einen stick-stich erklären. sind die nicht super? die würden gut in mein näh-zimmer passen. die handbepinselten garnspulen sind auch wunderschön. dieses gesicht und der kleine fuchs sind einfach total schön. sehr künstlerisch. und als tee und origami liebhaber sind diese teebeutel natürlich ein traum. warum sind nicht alle teebeutel so gefaltet?

furthermore i’ve found the most adorable fabric magnets on etsy that feature 4 different embroidery stitches. aren’t those GREAT? they would fit perfectly into my workroom! and the hand painted cotton spool, too. i instantly fell in love with this face and the little fox on the other side (check out the pictures on etsy). and as a tea and origami lover those teabags are just  dream come true. i wish all teabags would look like this!




The last days of Handmade 2010

Hello my friends,

Today we came back from our little winter getaway and since I’m not feeling well and a cold is creeping up my throat I thought I’d write two more posts and call it a year. :-)

I had the intention to make most of my Christmas presents myself and that’s exactly what I did. A scarf was knitted, a scarf was stamped, a scarf was sewn and stockings were custom made.

An American colleague asked for stockings as she and her husband and parents and brother celebrated their first German Christmas but missed stockings so much. Those are the results and it made me so happy they loved them.

christmas stockings

And here is my little lovely baby niece with her brand new loop scarf. Made of delicious Cloud 9 fabric that I’ve got from Melanie of Modern Organic Fabrics. It’s a fantastic organic flannel with small owls and polka dots (inside) and it was easy to make and looks so sweet on her. I’ll share the instructions with you next week.

loop scarf

I really enjoyed making all the presents myself. It’s somehow relaxing and kept me away from the crowds in the malls.

Did you have a nice time? I soooo looking forward reading all the blog posts that I’ve missed to see what you’ve been up to.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some major 2011 news with you.

Have a good day!!

Xo, Lou

Spontaneous sewing

Last weekend we had M’s little 7-year old daughter Lea with us. This summer we took her to the zoo endless times but now that it’s so cold outside that’s not really an alternative. So this weekend we had the following conversation

Lea: „Lou, can we sew something?“

Lou: „Uhm… like what?“

Lea: „Don’t know! Just something I can take home. Maybe something that looks better than the other thing we did last time!“ (which was a heart shaped little pillow that turned out really creepy)

Lou thinks.

Lou: „What about…… a turtle?“

Big eyes. Nodding.


We drew a sketch of a very simple turtle. A rectangle with 4 legs, a head and a tail. Very basic as I know she gets bored fast (she’s 7 and it’s the weekend. i understand. but i still adore her for being interested in sewing).

the sketch

I had a piece of patchworked fabric leftover and some felt for the turtle’s shell and we used 2 buttons for the eyes.


Basically I drew all limbs directly onto the fabric and cut them out. Roughly. As it was supposed to be a kid’s toy I thought it would look nice when it’s a bit uneven.

bits and pieces

Lea cut out the shell from the felt. The scissors were too big for her little hands but she did a great job.

kiddo with scissors

While I sewed the legs and head and tail together she stuffed everything with the batting. For the blue shell she wanted to have a swirl on the felt and when it came to the middle I tried to stitch her name on it. I think you can read it. She loved it.


And this is the result after sewing around and around and turning it inside out and filling it with the rest of the batting. Very easy I swear and perfect for the little lady. She can use it as a toy and even as a little pillow.

james the turtle

That was a very spontaneous sewing project which I really enjoyed. It took about 45 minutes (choosing the fabric, drawing, cutting, sewing, explaining) and Lea was at the edge of being distracted already but still we finished the project and had a lovely result. Did you sew with kids? I’d be interested what other projects are suitable for young kids. Tell me your stories! :-)

The knitted scarf

After I ran out of wool last week and couldn’t run to the store to get more I had to wait until yesterday to finish my scarf. After the first ball of yarn was knitted I was very fast. The whole scarf took about 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s 20 cm wide and 150 cm long (7.8″ x 60″) and since I can’t yet knit round I had to sew the ends together with some left yarn.


I connected the ends by hand as the yarn wouldn’t fit in any needle. That’s what turned out and that I can now loop around my neck.


I’m so in love with this scarf. It’s ultra thick and warm and cozy and it was so incredibly easy to make. A week ago I didn’t knit in my life! Now I have a selfmade scarf – thanks to Paola and Youtube!

finished scarf

I can highly recommend Youtube as a source for tutorials. You can find anything there and sit in front of your PC and just learn how to do things. It’s so easy and for free. Just try it! You have thousands of possibilities.

I knit and knit and knit…

I never had much left for knitted things. Still don’t. But Paola inspired me so much this summer when she posted about her knitting adventures that I ran to the store just the day after we came home from our vacation and bought wool and needles. I really want to learn how to knit. Still I don’t plan to knit things to wear except of scarves or MAYBE a winter hat but I’m intrigued by knitting pillow covers or a blanket or a gumdrop pillow.

I searched online for tutorials and patterns and found this amazing site named Drops Design with amazing free patterns and descriptions and was so excited I couldn’t wait to hit the store to buy everything I needed to get started.

Uhm.. I never did this before so I looked for the easiest video tutorial on youtube and found one. Seemed easy! I had wool and needles just like the one that lady has in the video and sat in front of the Mac to try that scarf. The first row took me almost an hour to complete because I couldn’t handle the thick needles and the wool wouldn’t slide as easy as I thought but I got used to it and just let go of the thought I have to make it perfectly.

first knitting project

After 3 hours it looked like this and I didn’t want to stop anymore. It’s SO much fun!

first knitting

I will post an update in some days when the scarf is done.

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