the top and the bag

wie schon angedroht, berichte ich heute von den nähabenteuern des letzten wochenendes und anstatt tutorial gibt’s heute „nur“ erfahrungswerte und tips und tricks.

also die tasche lässt sich sehr gut nähen. man hat große flächen, 4 teile, zack zack, im grunde easy. WENN da nicht die stülperei wäre. man näht ja erst mal jeweils die 2 teile eines stoffes rechts auf rechts zusammen, dann ineinander, lässt die henkel offen und muss dann die ganze tasche durch einen henkel stülpen. ich wäre fast ausgerastet bei dieser aktion. aber man bekommt es hin. soweit kann ich euch beruhigen, aber das nächste mal (achtung; jetzt hier tipp nr. 1) mache ich mir die henkel einfach 1 cm breiter. es gehört nämlich wirklich arg viel kraft, mut und schweiß dazu, die tasche durch den henkel zu frickeln. und nachdem ich dann endlich fertig mit stülpen war, war ich so fertig mit den nerven, dass ich erst mal die henkel falsch zusammengenäht habe…. obacht also!

problems with the bag

zur deko – und weil ich dachte, ich könnte mir dann noch ein separates täschchen für schnick-schnack nähen – habe ich auf beiden seiten einen schnippel genäht, an den man dann mit einem ring etwas befestigen kann. warum nicht. und weil meine nähmaschine wundervoller weise auch buchstaben nähen kann, habe ich auf eine seite noch „vita meravigliosa“ (wunderbares leben) gestickt.

ich konnte leider nicht die stoffe verwenden die ich ursprünglich im kopf hatte, da die tasche dann doch ungeahnte dimensionen annahm, ich vorher darüber nicht nachgedacht hatte und am ende gar nicht so viel stoff da hatte. aber wurscht. die 2 jetzt passen super zusammen und die tasche ist einfach super. es passt viel rein und sie ist jetzt mein neuer sommerliebling. die nächste mache ich 1. doppelt so groß und 2. mit innentasche. weil wenn doppelt so groß, wird auch doppelt gesucht. super teil. kann ich nur empfehlen.


das top habe ich letztendlich am montag erst genäht, da ich vergessen hatte vor dem wochenende den stoff zu waschen (was ja wichtig ist). den schnitt habe ich mir dann nochmal bei burda gekauft und herunter geladen, da ich ihn vorher schon 2 mal vom schnittmuster abgepaust hatte und es 2 mal nicht hinbekommen habe, das mein pauspapier nicht verrutscht. nach der aktion mit der tasche hatte ich keine lust mehr auf drama und so war runterladen und ausschnippeln das kleinere übel. leider sind die nähanleitungen der burda… naja.. ich schiebs jetzt mal nicht auf die burda, sondern auf mich… kurz gesagt… ich kann ihnen einfach nicht folgen. bei diesem schnitt hat man 2 teile und trotzdem bekam ich es hin, das ganze top zu ruinieren. es ist am ende ganz ok geworden, mein liebling wirds allerdings nicht. und als ich es dann zum ersten mal anhatte kam ich mir vor wie ein op-arzt. dieses türkis in kombi mit dem schnitt… ich dramatisiere. aber wie gesagt, lieb hab ich das top nicht wirklich. allerdings werde ich mir im winter einen nähkurs gönnen, bei dem man mir dann beibringt, wie man burda begriffe entschlüsselt. immerhin.

top eis

hello everyone. let me tell you about my sewing experiences of last weekend. it’s not exactly a tutorial but tips and tricks are as well very valuable.

sewing the bag is very easy and nice. you have 4 large pieces of fabric and novita’s tutorial is easy to follow. though i’ve came to a point where i’ve almost lost my mind. turning the bag inside out through one handle was horror. it takes blood, sweat and tears to make it and after i did i was so glad about it that i sewed the handles together wrongly. next time i sew this bag i’ll make the handles a centimeter wider so it won’t be such a hassle turning the bag inside out.

in order to make the bag more personal i’ve stitched „vita meravigliosa“ on one handle and added a fabric „loop“ on each side on which i can hang a separate little pouch.

you might remember that i wanted to use other fabrics but i totally forgot to measure the bag beforehand and so i didn’t have so much fabric available. but the ones here are pretty nice and fit together perfectly. the bag is very spacious and became my favorite summer item already. but i have plans to make one more but double the size and with an inside pocket. i can really recommend to sew this bag. it’s a blast!!

the top i finally sewed on monday because i forgot to pre-wash the fabric and since i didn’t manage to trace the darn pattern off the big pattern with the other gazillion lines on it i decided to buy it separately so i would have a perfect pattern. but still i didn’t manage to make it though it’s only 2 pieces that needed to go together. i acutally had problems understanding the burda directions. the outcome is far from perfect and i must admit the shape and the color makes me look like a doctor who comes straigt from the ER. it will definitely not become my favorite piece of clothing but it made me decide for a  sewing class in winter so someone can tell me about proper understanding of patterns. at least i’ve learned a lesson.

sewing envelopes – a tutorial

did you ever have a present to give that fit into an envelope? and that wasn’t as pretty as the gift inside? i had this issue yesterday and decided the 2 envelopes should get dressed up a little bit. so i ended up using 2 different kinds of scraps to sew envelopes for the envelopes.

take a rectangular piece of fabric that is a bit wider and longer than the envelope. sew it close on both sides. turn inside out.

1one envelope is for an awesome guy and i took a piece of an old hugo boss coat and closed the envelope with a button. the other one is for a lovely lady so i sewed to very long strings of silk ribbon onto the side of the sleeve and wrapped them all around the envelope to close.

2very simple and easy and yet a nicer way to give away a simple envelope, don’t you think?

flip and sew quilt tutorial

please welcome my friend melanie from a sewing journal today who contributed a FANTASTIC quilting tutorial. i am so amazed by this technique i wish i knew this before i started my last quilt which still needs to be finished. with this knowledge here i’m sure it won’t take me long to start a new one. it’s truly so freaking super easy!! check it out.


flip and sew is a quilt-as-you-go technique used when sewing rows of fabric together. as you sew each row together, you sew it to the batting at the same time, eliminating the need to baste the quilt top to the batting after it is finished, as you would do with a traditional quilt.





a few tips:

  • a walking foot for your sewing machine is recommended for this technique. the walking foot will feed the top layer of your fabric through the machine evenly just as the feed dogs do with the bottom layer. there seems to be a great range of prices for walking feet, but for my machine (a brother) they are very inexpensive. ebay is a great place to find them.
  • when sewing long strips together there can be a tendency for the fabric to form an arc. counteract this by sewing from the opposite side every other time and remaining vigilant to the possibility, correcting it as soon as you notice.
  • 1/4-inch seam allowances are traditionally used in quilting, so where i say „sew“ in the tutorial, i’m using a 1/4-inch seam allowance.
  • i am demonstrating only this specific technique, you can finish the quilt any way that works for you. you can check my blog, A Sewing Journal, to see exactly how I finished this one.


isn’t this amazing?! doesn’t it open so many new sewing horizons? thank you melanie for this kick ass tutorial. i’ll be checking out the rest on your blog!

The last days of Handmade 2010

Hello my friends,

Today we came back from our little winter getaway and since I’m not feeling well and a cold is creeping up my throat I thought I’d write two more posts and call it a year. :-)

I had the intention to make most of my Christmas presents myself and that’s exactly what I did. A scarf was knitted, a scarf was stamped, a scarf was sewn and stockings were custom made.

An American colleague asked for stockings as she and her husband and parents and brother celebrated their first German Christmas but missed stockings so much. Those are the results and it made me so happy they loved them.

christmas stockings

And here is my little lovely baby niece with her brand new loop scarf. Made of delicious Cloud 9 fabric that I’ve got from Melanie of Modern Organic Fabrics. It’s a fantastic organic flannel with small owls and polka dots (inside) and it was easy to make and looks so sweet on her. I’ll share the instructions with you next week.

loop scarf

I really enjoyed making all the presents myself. It’s somehow relaxing and kept me away from the crowds in the malls.

Did you have a nice time? I soooo looking forward reading all the blog posts that I’ve missed to see what you’ve been up to.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some major 2011 news with you.

Have a good day!!

Xo, Lou

Spontaneous sewing

Last weekend we had M’s little 7-year old daughter Lea with us. This summer we took her to the zoo endless times but now that it’s so cold outside that’s not really an alternative. So this weekend we had the following conversation

Lea: „Lou, can we sew something?“

Lou: „Uhm… like what?“

Lea: „Don’t know! Just something I can take home. Maybe something that looks better than the other thing we did last time!“ (which was a heart shaped little pillow that turned out really creepy)

Lou thinks.

Lou: „What about…… a turtle?“

Big eyes. Nodding.


We drew a sketch of a very simple turtle. A rectangle with 4 legs, a head and a tail. Very basic as I know she gets bored fast (she’s 7 and it’s the weekend. i understand. but i still adore her for being interested in sewing).

the sketch

I had a piece of patchworked fabric leftover and some felt for the turtle’s shell and we used 2 buttons for the eyes.


Basically I drew all limbs directly onto the fabric and cut them out. Roughly. As it was supposed to be a kid’s toy I thought it would look nice when it’s a bit uneven.

bits and pieces

Lea cut out the shell from the felt. The scissors were too big for her little hands but she did a great job.

kiddo with scissors

While I sewed the legs and head and tail together she stuffed everything with the batting. For the blue shell she wanted to have a swirl on the felt and when it came to the middle I tried to stitch her name on it. I think you can read it. She loved it.


And this is the result after sewing around and around and turning it inside out and filling it with the rest of the batting. Very easy I swear and perfect for the little lady. She can use it as a toy and even as a little pillow.

james the turtle

That was a very spontaneous sewing project which I really enjoyed. It took about 45 minutes (choosing the fabric, drawing, cutting, sewing, explaining) and Lea was at the edge of being distracted already but still we finished the project and had a lovely result. Did you sew with kids? I’d be interested what other projects are suitable for young kids. Tell me your stories! :-)

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