september desktop calendar

heeellllloooooo ladies. how are you all doing? gheez i’m glad to back here on my little blog. i’ve been missing all this so much but the pause was good for my brains as well. august was such a beautiful month. we finally had some sunshiny days and martin and i made a short trip down south and yeah… now fall is knocking and i have a shitload of stuff to do in my workroom and in 2 weeks i’m going to hello etsy in berlin and one week of vacation is awaiting us, too. sigh. there are so many things i want to share with you. today i have the monthly desktop calendar. this time for ipad and iphone as well. i hope you enjoy and i’ll be back tomorrow with a fun recap.

september_1280x10241280 x 8001280 x 1024 - 1600 x 12001680 x 10501920 x 1200iphoneipad

hallo meine lieben. mensch was hab ich euch vermisst. hattet ihr eine schöne zeit im august? so sehr ich froh bin wieder zu bloggen, bin ich auch dankbar für die zeit die ich jetzt mal frei gemacht habe. das wetter wurde endlich mal schön, wir haben eine woche kurzurlaub im süden gemacht und jetzt freue ich mich auf den herbst und auf alles was er bringt. in ein paar wochen gehts nach berlin zu hello etsy und eine woche strandurlaub steht auch noch an. ich habe so viel zu erzählen und zu zeigen. heute gibt’s den september kalender für den computer und erstmals auch fürs ipad und iphone. und morgen bin ich dann wieder zurück mit einer kleinen bunten zusammenfassung, was mir im august gut gefallen hat.


april desktop wallpaper

april desktop calendar

my happy new week starts with the brand new april desktop calendar for your pc or mac. it’s actually the same design i used for the iPad wallpaper last week but with the actual april calendar. my friend susanna asked for it and i was grateful for the inspiration. i love to receive feedback from you guys and inspiration. if there is anything you want me to do for you just shout it out. let’s see what we can do :-) as always you can download this calendar on my flickr in the sizes 1680 x 1050 pixel, 1920 x 1200 pixel,  1280 x 1024 pixel and 1600 x 1200 pixel. enjoy and have an awesome week!!

iPad 2 mania

hello again. last friday (or thursday) they’ve launched the iPad 2 here in germany and do you know what was going on in front of the apple store? i guess the scenery was the same everywhere else. people were CAMPING in front of the darn store door waiting for them to open, to run over the staff and get an iPad. while this product doesn’t appeal to me at all – because i simply have no use for it (… as if that had ever stopped me…) i can totally understand why people love it. and therefore today i have two nice spring background wallpapers for all iPad lovers in the world. just simply click on the images and download it directly on your device. have fun. :-)

iPad dahlia

iPad poppy

make love

love 1600

hello everyone, i’m back from my little break. not that anything changed. the whole world changed. and while people in japan are still trying to master their nuclear problems more people are dying in libya. what is happening to the world?! please, make love. not war. i wish it wasn’t that difficult to live in peace without being threatened and killed by such complete government idiots. damn. so for today i have this desktop wallpaper for you to download and put onto your pc. simply click on the image to get to my flickr  to download several sizes. enjoy. and make love. not war!

and please look at my shop these days. i will still donate 50% of all income to the red cross. or you can participate at the japan quake appeal raffle. check out the post. you can do some good!