last year i’ve met some artists and illustrators that make amazing unique and special art. i’ve bought some very great prints i’d love to show you that now decorate our cozy home.

smiley and the pony

the smiley and the pony – my friend – the fabulous graphic designer  briana – makes these beautiful illustrations of crazy ass animals and her french bulldog. since a real frenchie is out of the question (for now) i couldn’t resist this cool print of the drooling dog. big love!

visit briana online: homeetsy shopsociety6 – facebook

ninotschka regrette

ninotschka – i’ve met frankfurt based artist nina at a market where we were selling our crafts and there i got to know her beautiful collages and wood transfer prints that are yet modern with a graphic influence but also with a bit of a vintage touch. i like this style a lot! 2 lovely cards decorate my artsy wall now.

meet nina: homeetsy shopdawanda shopfacebook

ninotschka deer


PYC / pop your color – i’m very in love with this incredible illustration screen print on a neon pink cardboard. i haven’t yet found the perfect place for it but it already pops out bright and fantastic.  the artist is also based in frankfurt and does more cool stuff. check it out!


all the world's a page

all the world’s a page – books are like jewels to me because i am a book lover since the day i can read but what these guys made with goethe’s faust blew my mind. it’s ONE BOOK on ONE poster! exactly. ONE POSTER. and they didn’t only do this to faust but also to the bible and moby dick and le rouge et le noir and to many other books. the font is mini, mini, mini and if you’re not standing in front of it with the nose touching the paper you can hardly read it. and i love this! that’s my kind of art! we’ve mounted the poster on a thick cardboard and now it’s resting against our living room wall. being fabulous.

check out more books and styles.

all the world's a pagei’m thankful for every opportunity where i meet people who think outside the box and that make great stuff. there’s nothing that makes my heart beat faster.


Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!


  1. ..liebe lou, das letzte bild bzw. diese idee ist wirklich der hammer..schwer vorstellbar, aber einfach absolut großartig..:)
    alles liebe & ein schönes wochenende, gesa

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