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Today I’m going to tell you about finding the perfect dirndl. The dirndl dress is essential for the Oktoberfest and women don’t go to the Wiesn without it. For me this was a task that almost made me go berserk. I thought I’d check the net, find one, order, try it on, keep, pay, done! YEAH RIGHT! I checked out the internet and found an insane number of different dirndls. And now – I mean I’m a woman looking for a dress – choose ONE. It took me 6 weeks and 7 dirndls to find the right one. After that the word alone made me scream.

It started with this one. The very first dirndl I liked very much though it made me feel like little red riding hood. I mean… I live in Hessen (German state) and I’m so not used to wear this kind of fashion except of maybe for carnival. It’s weird. Totally a Bavarian thing. Me with an apron…. Ok – but this dress was fine (that’s why I’m smiling) BUT the girls said it’s too large. It crumpled on the sides and they said if I can still breathe it’s too large. Actually I thought it’s too long but nooooo it was too large. NEXT.

red riding hood

This model here was exactly the size I needed (according to the girls). For me that was exactly the size that made me catch my breath. Standing was ok. Moving not so much. My boobs were right under my chin and I still wonder how we managed to close that dress. I didn’t like the color. On the screen it looked much better. NEXT.

green blue dirndl

The next dirndl looked fantastic on the model in the internet. It looked like a cleaning rag on me. It was too long, it was too large, the blouse had too many ruffles… uaahhhh. NEXT.

bridal dirndl

This one here was actually the one I liked best though the apron had a color that was not so much my taste but changing the apron would be no problem. I just thought the black would be too harsh. And by that time this one here arrived I already chose the one that I finally kept. While I waited for this 3 other ones arrived and in the end I chose

black dirndl

… this one! I just liked it when I saw it. It’s brown and the top and the skirt are in different colors, the apron is silky… it’s just fine. And I had to stop at some time, right?! Together with the little deer it’s a nice outfit.

lou and the dirndl

Though breathing is difficult in this one too. I maybe have to wear it at home before the Wiesn to stretch it a bit.

portrait with dirndl

And since I bought that in an online store I assume that there will be many many other women sporting this dress. So I thought I’d pimp it a little bit. I took the Tattoo Your Towel set from Sublime Stitching patterns and stitched along. First I wanted that banner but then I didn’t know what to write in it so I ended up stitching a heart.

pimp the dirndl

custom stitched dirndl

A simple way to enhance a piece of clothing. One of my favorites. It’s easy and with the fabulous patterns from Jenny Hart it’s done in no time.

That was the dirndl story. Looking for a wedding dress cannot be worse now at least I’m prepared :-)

Tomorrow I’ll show you a nice collection of fun accessories for the Oktoberfest so stay tuned.


Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!


  1. So, if you bought it at an online shop, what shop did you buy it from? I’m kind of antsy, because I want a dirndl, and I’d have to look online. Where would you suggest?

    lou says: in the end it was OTTO.de – they had a nice range and i fell in love with the one i have now.

  2. admin Reply

    Thanks ladies for the compliments. I felt so in disguise you can’t imagine how weird that feels. The only thing that comforts me is that on the Oktoberfest I won’t be the only one looking like that :-))

  3. Entzückend!! Du hast das schönste ausgesucht, steht dir fantastisch!! Und die Stickereien sind ja wohl der Hit! The Hit!! Ganz viel Spaß auf der Wiesn! Liebe Grüße, Steffi

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