last weekend martin and i spend a night in the 25h goldman hotel in frankfurt. yes, sometimes we take some time off and just check into a hotel room when we need a vacation but don’t have time to go anywhere. and since it was our 3 year anniversary that was his present for me :-)

the 25h goldman is a design hotel where every room looks different. we could choose from all available rooms and ended up on the 1st floor with the nautical theme. the walls were covered with the most beautiful wallpaper and each room had a different name.



the inside of the rooms were set up with lots of nice details and effort. the decoration was very special.



the wallpaper in the bathroom looked hand painted.


do you love open air pools?




the walls were turquoise and blue which caused a very relaxed atmosphere.

alles ganz einfach

das kleine glück


even the dinner tables looked different…


and i had some fun in their lounge room :-)


if you should ever come to frankfurt i highly recommend you to check into this fabulous hotel. they also have free wi-fi, free bike and ipod rental and an exquisite restaurant and it’s really not so expensive. you can reach the city center within 10 minutes, the airport is 20 minutes away. find out more on their homepage where you can also find more pictures of the other rooms. unfortunately we only had one night and couldn’t explore more rooms.

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  1. I love hotels like this, where every room is one-of-a kind :) If I’m ever in Frankfurt, I will checking it out and hopefully meeting with you too ;o)

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