it’s really happening! we received the key to our new house and one week later – within 72 hours – friday through sunday – we destroyed it!! not really but it’s chaos and dirty and turned upside down. the goal was to remove the white wood-chip-wallpaper from all walls! 7 rooms and a bathroom (who is so dumb to put wallpaper in the bathroom?!?!?)

it all began with a radio in the (soon to be) kitchen and a scraper, loads of water and good motivation. after wetting the wallpaper the bare concrete walls revealed lovely notes from whoever owned the house before, but after  hours, endless hours, hurting arms and hands i was fed up. and tired.

make it all new

a day later my martin joined me and helped removing the paper. saturday evening the house looked like a ruin, wet paper everywhere, more sore hands and arms.

oh no

sunday evening we finished 4 rooms and i was actually happy to return to the office (who knew i’d ever say this). it’s a mess and after 72 hours of hard work motivation is not the same anymore. but knowing it’ll all look fabulous when it’s done is a good reward.

sunday i wore my heart rate monitor just to see what such a day will do to my fitness and the result was cool. 9 hours of renewing a house burn 1015 calories and 64% of fat. no gym session can compete with that. and i actually got some stuff done! :-) i guess in the next 2 months i’ll turn into the fat free self i always wish i was. haha.

that’s what’s going at the moment. beside the 9 hours of office every day. if you want you can follow the journey on instagram, too. i’ll keep you posted on how our nest will turn from a messy place to our dream come true. xoxo



Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!


  1. Aaaah, Tapete abkratzen kann soooooooooooo ne Fimmelsarbeit sein! Das haben wir früher zuhause (bei meinen Eltern) auch immer gemacht, da konnte man als Kind ja gut helfen ;-)
    Wünsche euch viel Spaß und Erfolg bei der Renovierung!
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Es ist so spannend, liebe Lou. Und ich freu mich riesig für Euch. Nicht, weil es anstrengend ist, sondern über das “Hinterher”.
    Drück Dich.

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