Last week I’ve been to the craft fair again and on my (endless) shopping list I had some yarn and a styrofoam hoop to make us a door wreath for the winter season. I was inspired by this beautiful wreath by ItzFitz. It’s so simple and elegant. Unfortunately (but needless to say) the shipping costs are almost as much as the product price that I have difficulties convincing myself to buy it. Though I really adore those wreaths a lot.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” I thought and so I bought some gray and violet yarn which I planned on wrapping around the hoop.

what was needed

But since I started knitting recently and couldn’t start sewing again due to the missing power plug of the new machine I spontaneously decided to knit the cover for the hoop (while watching the Blair Witch Project). Using he 3 different yarns I knitted along until the piece was long enough to surround the hoop. Simply wrapped it around and fixed it with needles. Put a vintage inspired (IKEA) glass heart in the middle and that was all it.

knitted wrap

the backside

winter wreath

That was one cheap project. The yarn was 7,50 € all together (but I didn’t use it all) and the hoop – ok that was a gift from my sister in law but how much can it be…? maybe 1 € max.

With the rest of the yarn I wrapped on of our candle glasses. Nice way of getting rid of leftover yarn.

wrapped candle glass

I’m a bit in love with knitting, I must confess. It calms me down and you can actually just sit around, knit and watch some TV or talk with someone… easy. Now I really want to learn how to knit other patterns other than just straight. Can’t be that hard.

And remember – in case you’re thinking that this tutorial is not for you as you can’t knit – go to youtube and check out all millions of knitting videos that are offered there. That’s how I learned it! Yes, it’s THAT easy and so much fun!


  1. Yay! I’m so glad I persuaded you to start knitting (yes, it was ENTIRELY my idea :)

    Your wreath is nicer than the ItzFitz one and the candle holder idea is inspired. Will be making one (and blogging these) soon.

    • admin Reply

      yeah paola, you definitely were THE source of inspiration here. must still learn more patterns though i’m fine with the only one i know so far :-)

  2. admin Reply

    hey lucy,
    that is AWESOME!! you see, it’s so easy to learn new things and isn’t it amazing to have finished a project after some time?!! YAY. thank you for letting me know. that truly made my day!

  3. Just wanted to say, love your site! After seeing your scarf it inspired me to start knitting. I looked on YouTube and went from there! I have made a lovely scarf and am going to start on a wreath tonight. Love the left over wool idea on candle glasses! Look forward to seeing some more of your projects!

    • admin Reply

      maddy, this is just basic knitting. yes! everyone can do this! :-) easy and quick!

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