did you see it’s euro week on etsy?  so of course i created a treasury of my 4 favorite shops.

one rocking shop comes from germany actually. yay. froschkind creates the most fabulous collage art. i am blown away by sabrina’s creative spirit. there is no piece i wouldn’t hang on our walls. they spread so much happiness it’s incredible. don’t you think?


hidenseek is a wonderful shop based in the UK. end of last year i received my first delivery and was amazed by the kick ass packaging. what i got was an envelope with an actual artwork printed AND there was a ribbon around it too. it made all the way to my mailbox and there was NO damage. i’m sure the postman took extra care of it. i ordered a print i wanted for some time and a pocket mirror of the same design and some stickers. the illustrations are a bit morbid. that’s what i like about them. please check out the store (by clicking on the image below) and get carried away.


home made bags is a shop based in italy making the most awesome leather bags and accesories. i mean we all know italians have great fashion taste and home made bags are the perfect proof. if you can’t afford a gucci or prada get yourself one of theirs. at least you won’t see the same bag around too often. and they’re handmade! big bonus!!

home made bags

la casa de coto from spain specializes in knitted poufs and wraps for those round ikea stools. very contemporary and stylish and affordable. you can pick one of each color and spice up your home in seconds. so clever.

la casa de coto

do you have a favorite store that happens to be in europe? and tell me: do you mind higher shipping costs because the goods come from overseas?
i must say that everything i buy from etsy comes from so many different countries. i think i already have beautiful things from all continents. i personally don’t mind higher shipping costs or long delivery time when i really wanted something. that has never stopped me from shopping. what about you?


  1. I would totally buy something from another country if I loved it enough. The world is so much smaller than it used to be!

  2. Homemade bags looks awesome! I love thebrown tote the model is wearing!

  3. wow…the shops are so lovley…and for me its the same…if there is something i really want, then i don´t care about the shipping costs and delivery time…its so fine to have many different little treasures from around the world…and from so many special persons…and this is for me more important and so mabye i wait a little bit until i have enough money to send me a little new handmade goodie…;)…thanks for sharing and wish you a lovley cozy sunny weekend…and mabye you want to be a part of our little giveaway today…;)…guessing and win…have a look…a big hug, my dear friend…until then…cheers and hugs…i…

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