hello and hellau everyone. today we’re having fasching here in frankfurt. that’s carnival and the time for silly costumes and parades. i’m not a fashing-type of girl. never been so much. but i’ve put some of my shoes into a new “costume” by spicing them up with silver stars. it’s so easy and a cheap way to enhance boring pairs of shoes. let me show you how:

there’s a simple pair of black ballerinas, a tube of superglue and some silver glitter stars (available at the dollar or craft store).


i cut some of the stars so they would fit to the sides of the shoes where there wasn’t space enough for a whole star.


a littlebit of glue on each star… put on the shoe…


20 minutes later i had a brand new pair of rocking ballerinas. ready for a girl’s night out. don’t you think?


i only covered one side of the shoe. looks good.


something similar i did to a pair of black high heels. the outside is fabric which i really like so i glued (smaller) stars on the bottom of the shoes.


unfortunately they only had a mixed colored stars. i only wanted the silver ones so it took me some time to sort them out…


and then…one by one… the stars were glued onto the bottom.


i picked each star with a tooth pick. sometimes there was a colored star that wouldn’t go off the pick so i just left it there and so i have some pink and blue and green stars amongst the silver ones. that looks very pretty.


it’s actually so easy to do this. takes some patience but i mean… it’s so cheap and unique why wouldn’t you invest some time? instead of stars you can use fake svarovski like brilliants or other shapes. doesn’t matter. it’s all fun!

i’m going to enjoy the weekend now. good food. a good movie. quality time with M. what are your plans?


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  3. This is an absolutely fantastic idea! I will have to find a pair to do this.

  4. I love this idea! I never thought about putting something on the underside of a shoe before. Way to be creative! :)

  5. girls. i can only tell this project so easy and versatile it’s insane. i’m about to do this to all my high-heels…

  6. Oh my gosh this is so cute! I especially like the heels with the stars underneath, because it’s so unexpected. Love love love, very creative.

  7. What an awesome idea!!! Both the flats and the heels look so cool now! I might have to copy you in this…
    You have a nice day trying to avoid Karneval in Frankfurt! Good luck with that (I live near Cologne and I don’t like this time of year much either, so I can totally relate to you)… ;)

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