happy monday to everyone. i hope you are all doing fine and that you all had a wonderful weekend.

this is the week of thanksgiving and i must say i’m always a bit jealous because here in germany we don’t celebrate it as beautifully and big as the US. i consider thanksgiving as one of the greatest holidays and wished we’d give it more attention than we actually do.

this year many things happened to me that i am so grateful for and i’ve made it a habit to think about it each night before i fall asleep. every day i count the things that i’m grateful for and it made my life so much better. it sounds odd but i’ve learned to be grateful for the little things in life and not to take everything for granted and that made a big difference.

so i’ve bought me a little notebook and write the list down every once in a while – it feels good to look at those lists sometimes – and because it’s such a nice thing to do i’ve made a gratitude journal for you today.


you can download the pdf here, print out the pages, fold and bind them and you’ll have a book with a page for each month where you can track what you’re thankful for.

when the pages are assembled you can bind them either with 2 staples or simply run them through the sewing machine.

i’m sure the gratitude journal will have a positive effect to your daily life. feel free to download the file and start the project right away. you may as well give the book to family and friends.


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  4. I Love this! I can’t wait to make one for my New Year’s Resolutions! Going to mention it to my followers

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  6. I cannot download it because I am not a premium Scribd user. please help :(

    lou says: hello vanessa, please download it here! thank you for stopping by! :-)

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  10. Hi,
    Loving your blog! Thanks for the freebie, too.
    Question- What font did you use for it?

    lou says: hello dear, thank you for visiting. the font is named verner. enjoy! :-)

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  13. GirlfriendShoes Reply

    What a great idea. Thank you!

    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

    lou says: you’re welcome :-)

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