oh what a weekend. i had my second craft show and it was just a-ma-zing! i’ve sold many things, i’ve met a bunch of lovely people and today i’ve opened a dawanda store just to be a part of the german diy movement. it took me some time but that’s better than never :-)

i want to thank you all for your encouragement and motivation, a special thanx goes to my sister-in-law who helped me with the stand on saturday and to martin who is always there for me and who keeps my spirits up. and of course to you my super readers. thanx for hanging on with me, for all the nice comments and emails of encouragement. it makes me really happy.

the thank you note above is for you all. i’m sure you have a special person who you can give this note to some day. just click on the image to download it, print it out, fold in half and write something nice.

i’ll sort my photos of the weekend these days and be back with the whole story. this was a truly special event.

see ya‘! xoxo

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  1. oh, thats sound so exciting and i´m looking forward to your photos and stories about this amazing craft show…yeah, you did it…congratulations…a big hug…cheers…i…

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