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My dear friends,

Today I’m more than happy to announce that my shop is now open. Seconds ago I hit the “Activate” button and now it’s all out there and I’m relieved and yes… happy. I had the time of my life making all these items, looking for the fabrics, searching for good materials, having ideas, developing and sewing. Oftentimes things didn’t turn out the way I wanted but in the end all items are one-of-a-kind, unique and individualistic.

Every single item is handmade, I dedicated lots of time and love into each one. My sewed items are mostly made out of vintage fabric. Sometimes I mixed and matched old and new fabrics, the oilcloth that I’ve found is from Denmark and a dream to work with and it looks just wonderful. The designs of the vintage fabrics are nonpareil. I’ve found them in a little shop that only sells second-hand fabric and most of them are over 15 years old. Those prints are not produced anymore and whenever the fabric is consumed I won’t be able to reproduce the item again. And since I can’t throw away scraps (maybe you remember my tips what you can make out of scraps) I used every single little piece for something new – the buttons! There are magnet buttons, button pins and buttons that you can actually use as buttons :-) I hope you enjoy stumbling through the aisles.

etsy collage

And and to thank you all and because it’s the grand opening today I would love to give away one lovely foldable cosmetic pouch. It’s made of beautiful white cotton with subtle little flowers, a hand-stamped patch of another vintage flower fabric is sewed in the front. There is a brown and white crocheted ribbon to give the pouch a romantic look.

vintage fabric

Inside there is gorgeous danish oilcloth with roses on light pink polka dot background. You can put all kinds of cosmetics in there. Even if they spill you can wipe the mess away and everything will be beautiful again.

rose oilcloth

To enter this giveaway.

1. Please visit my shop and leave a comment which item you like the most.

For additional entries (leave a comment for each action)

2. Follow me on Twitter and become my fan on Facebook

3. Facebook or Twitter about this giveaway (make sure to use @myserendipities in your tweet)

The giveaway closes on Monday, November 29 and I will announce the winner Tuesday after.

Furthermore you can win another exclusive item over at my friend’s blog  Sandy a la Mode. She is so kind to blog about my opening and run a giveaway post for me. Thank you so very much, Sandy.

Puh. I will sit back now, drink a cup of coffee and smile for the rest of the day. My baby is out there and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you all for your valuable support in the past months. You’re simply the best.

Xo, Lou


Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!


  1. Crystalline

    I follow you on twitter (@siennasai n.n) and am your fan on Facebook (C Anderson).

  2. Crystalline

    Congratulations! It’s so exciting! \(>.<)/

    From your shop, I love the Kisslock clutch purse – Dreamy Clouds ~

  3. I absolutely love the kisslock clutch with the clouds fabric! Such a cute fabric!

  4. Hi Lou, Congrats on your shop opening. You have so many cute stuff. I love the makeup bags and the journals and the scarfs. My fave item is the folded pouch – mucho amore. I love hearts!

  5. Hallo meine Liebe…wow…wie schön!…wir gratulieren dir von ganzem Herzen für deinen tollen Shop…all the best…und frauheuberg hat heute auch ihr erstes Produkt in ihren Shop gestellt…fangen erstmal klein an…;)…muss dich aber auch noch was fragen, schreib dir noch eine Mail…aber jetzt geniess erstmal deine tolle Arbeit…alles liebe und bis bald…werde auch noch bei deinem Giveaway mitmachen…;)…liebe grüsse und sei gedrückt…cheers and hugs…i…

  6. Congratulations Lou!! Everything looks so lovely and I fully understand the excitement and relief at pressing the “Activate” button :) The thing that immediately caught my eye from your store is the Kisslock clutch purse -Colorful Zig Zag! It’s so cute!

  7. Your shop is sooooo lovely Lou, so excited for you. You have so many lovely things in there how does one choose which is their favorite. I love those fabric pins and buttons, but I love all the little cosmetic pouches too, not to mention the cute notebooks. I love all of it. GREAT JOB LADY!!