it all started with this handwritten letter last christmas (written by the wonderful amelie persson) …


and five months later we’re married!


there are no words that can possibly describe the feeling in my heart, the excitement that can describe that day, the number of the butterflies in my stomach is insane.

we had such a beautiful day. it was freezing cold in the morning, i was nervous like a teenager, it was really the best day of my life. just beautiful!


we were just 12 family members celebrating the whole day until late in the night. our families met for the first time and we couldn’t be happier that we instantly grew into one big family. i married the most beautiful man in the world who brought the 2 most fantastic kids into my life, i have a new sister and another pair of parents. they all mean the world to me and just makes my heart beat a littlebit faster of excitement.

the week before the wedding was actually not that cool but now i know that it all WILL turn out great in the end and that i shouldn’t worry so much sometimes. the thing was i didn’t actually plan much for that wedding BUT i had some things organized that were important to me and that i really wanted to have for that day. in the end > the cake topper didn’t arrive and the ring plate couldn’t get finished due to technical difficulties. only 2 things but yet important. now what is a bride supposed to do? i tell you: i cried! a lot. :-) it seems so silly to write that down but 1. brides may cry! 2. my grandmother died just days ago 3. i still painted walls until wednesday 4. i was nervous!! 5. i was stressed! 6. brides may cry!

as a project manager i guess i’m used to quick problem solving so that’s what happened

ring roses

i quickly made a ring plate myself. damn it! that was easy! and my beautiful bouquet was organized by my wonderful friend who has excellent flower taste :-) easy!

tortethe cake was made by rauschs konditorei and was a turquoise dream with light pink flowers and a simple chocolate filling. it got delivered to the restaurant. yay.

loumamy super sister-in-law made us another incredible cake! she brought it all the way from hannover by train! she was inspired by a sign we once photographed on one of our trips. what i really love about it is the little tweak in the numbers. this could have happened to me as well and it fits so much to this quirky week. and i was very moved that she did all this work to make us such a fantastic present.

hannamoved and in tears i have also been some weeks before the wedding when i received a gift from a blog friend’s daughter. hannah is 8 years old, never met us – but took the time to draw us a little something and wish us all the best. that was one emotional moment for me. someone i’ve never met (ok.. i’ve met her mom but you know… still…) does such a sweet thing. a little girl takes time to draw something for people she doesn’t know?! cutest most beautiful thing ever happened to me. she had a special place on our table at the restaurant and whenever i looked at it i had to smile. i always will.

cake topper

and those were the cake toppers that didn’t make their way through custom clearance for 2 WEEKS!! when i picked them up yesterday the officer got to know one hell of a furious bride. but well – they’re still so cool and they will get a special place in our new home.

jordan received some pictures of martin and me and illustrated two cute paper dolls of us. those were supposed to be clued on 2 sticks and put on our wedding cake. anyway. i’ll frame them and find them fabulous!!

so you see… the wedding still turned out to be very DIY and crafty (sooner or later). i would do this all over again. it’s an exciting time and all the feelings and excitement and roller coaster days before the wedding are just so worth it. can’t wait to do this again next year when we’ll have a big party with the entire family.

until then we’ll fix our nest (3 weeks to go until moving day) and slow down a bit. these 6 past months were rather hectic and i’m looking forward to less stressful days.

:-) xoxoxoxoxo



  1. Jules kleines Freudenhaus Reply

    Yay, liebste Blogger-Braut, endlich schon ein Braut-Bericht, den ich gerade verschlungen habe… trotz der mehr als doofen woche vorher sah euer tag toll aus und die liebe spricht durch jedes deiner worte hindurch… sooooo schön… nun freu ich mich noch mehr auf august!
    und kannste nciht die caketopper dann im nächsten jahr zu eurer 2. party verwenden? ;-)
    bei mir gehts nun auch in die heiße phase…

    drück dich ganz ganz fest!!!
    allerliebste grüße

  2. meine liebste Lou…nochmal alles alles Liebe für eure gemeinsame Zukunft und was für wunderschöne Ideen hast du da für euren Wundertag ausgepackt…jetzt hoffe ich, dass ihr ein bißchen chillen könnt und eure Zweisamkeit auch die nächsten 100 Jahre geniesst…immer und immer wieder…drück dich fest, freu mich so mit euch und hoffe auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen…liebste Grüsse aus dem Süden…deine i…

  3. Yeah Lou! Wie schön – ich freue mich für euch!

    Trotz aller Strapazen klingt das doch nach einem wunderbaren Tag und ihr seht verdammt glücklich aus!

    Alles Liebe weiterhin & viele Grüße aus Kölle,

  4. Congratulations! You both look so happy! Und die Torte sieht toll aus…mit oder ohne Cake Topper! Also beide Torten! Die Cake Topper machen sich bestimmt auch bei an der Wand gut :)

  5. Congratulations Lovely Lou – thrilled for you and what a wonderful day it looked like. Lots of love from Cape Town. V x

  6. Ihr seht so zauberhaft aus und soooo verliebt und glücklich! Ich freu mich so für euch, dass trotz ein paar Pannen der Tag so wundervoll war und wie schon gesagt, das Wichtigste ist und beleibt, du bist jetzt Mrs. Maddin – alles andere ist egal!
    Ich schicke dir ganz viele Küsse und Umarmungen und hoffe dass mein Päckchen auch endlich bei dir ankommt!
    XOXO Susanne

  7. Liebe Lou, the bride may mal sowas von cry!!!

    Ich habe Deine Wedding-Rückschau sooo gerne gelesen. Hatte die gleichen Worte wie Nina im Kopf: Da geht mir das Herz auf <3

    Und wie toll die Papierpüppchen sind! Ich bin hin und weg.

    Liebe Grüße, verheiratete Frau :)

  8. Liebe süße Lou,
    mir geht so das Herz auf.
    Ich kann Dir garnicht sagen, wie sehr ich mich für Euch freue.
    Drück Dich feste.

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