hello again. last friday (or thursday) they’ve launched the iPad 2 here in germany and do you know what was going on in front of the apple store? i guess the scenery was the same everywhere else. people were CAMPING in front of the darn store door waiting for them to open, to run over the staff and get an iPad. while this product doesn’t appeal to me at all – because i simply have no use for it (… as if that had ever stopped me…) i can totally understand why people love it. and therefore today i have two nice spring background wallpapers for all iPad lovers in the world. just simply click on the images and download it directly on your device. have fun. :-)

iPad dahlia

iPad poppy


  1. haha rachel anne. considering camping out of an apple store. really. is there anything better than receiving a package in the mail that you can open and then admire? :-))

    suze, of course i can make that a wallpaper. next monday i’ll have the april calendar desktop for you. thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Too bad I don’t have an iPad! The wallpaper with the dried flower is awesome! Would you consider doing a pc one?

  3. Rachel Anne Reply

    I thought about camping out for one, then I just ordered one online and will patiently (ha!) wait until 4/25 til mine arrives…and then put one of these backgrounds on it!

  4. I think I’m being slowly convinced to get an iPad for myself…for business reasons of course ;o)

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