oh boy. it feels like this mess will never end. last week was one of the most intense ones. my dad tore down a wall then we had to remove all the dirt, all bricks, all floors, all the wallpaper from the house and bring it somewhere to have it recycled. we handle big and heavy machines, have to endure loud sounds and tons of dust. after each day we’re covered in dust and it takes ages to get the dirt off of my hair. we finally can call an electrician to handle the cables, order the kitchen, the floors, buy tiles and wall color.

more dust

but though it feels like an unbearable journey we do have moments that are so unbelievably surprising it’s almost magical. martin found an old sewing machine and a TURQUOISE type writer in the basement left behind by the old tenants – clearly a sign we bought the right house :-)


we also realized that removing wallpaper is NOTHING compared to removing tiles by hand. my dad removed the majority of the floors with the heavy air hammer (making the house shake) but unfortunately not everything could be removed. so it took a whole day to get rid of the rest with a hammer and a pick. pain in the ass – we can tell!!  and then i managed to hit my thumb with the iron hammer and for 2 hours i tried not to run beserk from the pain. i definitely had to pause for the rest of the day putting cream on my hand hoping nothing is broken and i can continue to help the next day.

pain sweat fear

so it actually looks like things are getting done. but it’s still a long road to go since we can only work after 6 pm and the weekends. i am so grateful my dad has the skills and the experience of 30 years in building construction. we would be helpless without him. and my sweet mom brought us warm food on sunday so we could pause for a while and just enjoy a littlebit of the day.
sunday supper

counting the days we can finally move in i look forward to our wedding in 3 weeks and the short get-away we make. after that it only takes another 3 weeks until the truck comes to get our stuff and we have to move. wow. writing this down makes me realize that it’s only 7 weeks to go. let’s hope it will all fall into place. i’ll keep you posted on this journey! xoxoxo


  1. Goldengelchen Reply

    Wow, da habt ihr ja einen straffen Zeitplan vor euch. Das wird ein aufregender Sommer!
    So eine Renovierung ist bestimmt viel Arbeit, aber solange man immer irgendwelche Fortschritte erkennen kann, bleibt die Motivation da, oder?
    Und die Fundstücke im Keller sind ja mal der Oberhammer! Das ist wirklich ein Zeichen :-)
    Viele Grüße, Goldengelchen

  2. Liebste Lou,
    viel Glück und gute Nerven weiterhin, 7 Wochen … wow.
    Hoffe, Dein Daumen ist wieder richtig einsatzfähig,
    sei feste gedrückt und alles Liebe von Nina

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