We’re back from Portugal and I feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to make this trip. It was just a sneak peak but still it was amazing. We stayed in a beautiful little hotel in Cascais by the Atlantic ocean and though it poured there was nothing better than to look at the water and relax.

Fortunately the second and third days were better and the sun came out a bit so I could take some great pictures from around our little town and of course some of Lisbon as well.

Cascais is right by the ocean and has a little harbor and a little beautiful lighthouse. A mermaid facing the sea…

Cascais Mermaid

Faro de Cascais

I loved this place. Everything was white, you had to cover your eyes from the reflection.

Faro de Cascais

Peace and love

The view from the lighthouse was just breath taking.

Atlantic Ocean

There were some things that I really liked about Cascais and Lisbon. Many many houses were covered with hand painted tiles, they had park benches covered with tiles, they decorated the whole city with them. The old architecture together with the tiles cause a great atmosphere.


Lisbon Tiles

Cascais Hotel

I have to find out why they arrange the floors like this. I’ve seen this in Manaus, Brazil already and now here they have it as well. There must be a meaning.

Cascais floor

In Lisbon modern design elements meet traditional buildings.



The street art was amazing. You can discover graffiti, stencils and stickers everywhere. And not the normal style you already know. Really good stuff!!

Street Art Cascais

Street Art Lisbon

Street Art Lisbon

We only saw a small part of wonderful Lisbon but enough to say we have to go back once more and check out the rest. The style of the city was totally different from what I knew. Mostly you have very old parts and buildings and other parts are very modern. Here you had both things united which makes sightseeing less exhausting. There are great things to discover everywhere.

That was our last trip for this year and I’m grateful for each of them. Now let’s be creative again!!


Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!


  1. Love your pix! I so regret not having the time to make it to Caiscais when i went to Lisboa. V xx

    • admin Reply

      vicki, so you have always a gooooood reason to go back! :-)

  2. Great pictures. I especially like the one with the trees in the colored things (don’t really know what to call them). And I love the stencils! So funny! I saw a bunch of those when I traveled in Barcelona.

    • admin Reply

      they are so fun. i still have to find out why they’re there. maybe it was an exibition or something. i’ll let you know! :-)

  3. I would LOVE to visit Portugal one day. The hand-painted tiles are gorgeous, I love how decorative the architecture is.

    • admin Reply

      They look similar to the ones you’ve been thinking of putting in your house. Very precious. I still say: GO for the tiles!!

  4. seems like you had a blast down there. lovely pics, lou!!! Aren’t those tiles fabulous? wow…..

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