Yesterday evening I couldn’t resist starting to cut out the pieces for the top. Right. First idiocy that happened was that somehow the blocks of the Dick & Jane fabric were NOT ALL the same size. So the piece that I measured BEFORE calculating the sizes of the other pieces were NOT the same size of the other blocks. Actually it was the ONLY one not being the same size as the rest. After thinking about it I decided not to freak out but just leave the block as is and accept that it will be a little bit smaller than the rest. Who cares?! (ok, maybe Martha Stewart does…. ). But nevertheless I had to adjust the hight of the rest of the blocks. Then I realized that the pink fabric kinda deformed after washing. The edges weren’t even anymore. It was a hassle cutting the pieces and while cutting I could tell they’d become misshaped. I really  hope I can fix it somehow when I sew them together later today (my enthusiasm is slowly fading).

Furthermore I realized I didn’t consider the pieces of the patchwork blocks in my yardage so now I have to return to the store again to get some more fabric for the binding (that is ok though). I have no idea WHY but when I put the pieces together after cutting they didn’t quite fit together. Oh my…. this turns out to be more difficult than I thought and now I know why quilted things you can buy somewhere are so freakin‘ expensive. You pay for blood, sweat and tears as well. :-)

This is the result

quilt top

Now that I’m looking at it I don’t know if the white of the D&J fabric really looks good. But I will not change it now.

And if all this isn’t enough to deal with – my tailor’s chalk fell down the table and broke. Great…


At least I know what to tell my mom this year when she asks me what I want for christmas. A class where I can learn how to cut fabric straight and properly….

Stay tuned for part 3.


  1. admin Reply

    Hello Lindsay,
    I heard so many people now telling me to not wash the fabric and for the second quilt I didn’t. I’ll see how that works (if I could just finish it….).
    Thanx for stopping by!

  2. Lindsay @ Me Quilting Reply

    blood, sweat, tears, broken chalk, yup it ads up, but the end result is soooo worth it!

    I dont prewash my fabrics before I quilt unless I am using different mediums of fabrics in the same piece, the pucker effect afterwards is part of the desired quilt look, hope that helps you!!

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