After spending hours of cutting out the pieces I sew them all together. Not much of a problem actually even though the pieces were all uneven. So I just placed them together so that they at least look right and sew my day away. Took me 5 hours. This took all my concentration and thoughts that I totally forgot to eat. Anyway. This is what came out

front top

back top

Yeah.. today I learned that I’ve pressed the seams wrong. Don’t care. Nobody will see this :-)

iron on

Then I added some Kurt Halsey bird and fireflies iron-ons for later embroidery. The patterns come from Sublime Stitching. It’s a simple iron-on that you cut out before and place on the fabric. Press. Done.


The outcome after 2 hours



Sometime this week then I will handquilt the 3 pieces together. Stay tuned :-)

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