hello lovely october. i really like you because you deliver the best veggies, the nicest sun, the days are not too hot but also not too cold and you provide fantastic snuggly couch sundays with hot cocoa and a good book – minus the bad conscience. how cool is that?

i’ve spend the last days dealing with a trapped nerve in my back not feeling too good about it but it’s getting better and i am really looking forward to the upcoming fall. a lot of ideas came to my mind while taking a little online break and i’m keen on working on some lovely meals, diy projects, book reviews. let’s see what will come up.

have a lovely october you sweet readers. i’m really into black and white stripes lately so of course they ended up on this month desktop calendar. feel free to download it – there are several sizes available here, too! xoxoxo



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  2. I hope you’re feeling better already!
    Although we exchanged tweets, I wanted you to know I use this background at work now too! Not only that, but you inspired me to start teaching myself how to use Photoshop. I hope I can start making pretty things some time too!

  3. Jules kleines Freudenhaus Reply

    Liebste Lou,

    hoffe dir gehts besser? Was macht der doofe Rücken???
    Dein Desktop Hintergrund ist wieder wahnsinnig toll geworden…

    Danke für deine lieben Worte bei mir!!!
    Jaaaa unbedingt mit dir aufs Tiger&Turtle klettern…. Ist auch wie ne Achterbahn, aber du kannst halt bis zum Looping per Treppen darauf rumwandern. Gibt auf jeden Fall nen astreinen Muskelkater in den Waden ;-)
    Und danach haste dir die Pommes in jedem Fall verdient!
    Bin auch für ein Date hier ;-)

    Drück dich und nicht mehr lange bis zum Wiedersehen!!!

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