this past weekend i’ve spend in berlin at the hello etsy conference and i am positively overwhelmed, deeply grateful and highly motivated. i’m not sure i will find the right words in this post that will pay this event justice i can only say it was mindblowing. why? i’ve heard inspiring stories, got to know amazing people, i voluntarily sat in a presentation about project management on a sunday at 9:30 am because i longed to learn more and to suck in all information i could get.

hello etsy 1

i’ve sewn another bag at marimekko, i was close to chad dickerson (etsy ceo), i ate a wonderpot frozen yoghurt…

hello etsy 2

… etsy and other sponsors pampered us with giveaways (and delicious organic food and drinks) and i wrote weird notes to myself, and i’ve met jam boy who signed a book for me with a personal note…

hello etsy 3

… i’ve met natalie chanin who impressed me so much that when i told her that i had to cry and chad held a presentation i will never forget…

hello etsy 4

… people crafted everywhere and i’ve met fascinating people and learned new technologies (go over the images with your mouse and see what happens)…

hello etsy 5

… and the location ewerk was just beautiful and had a great vibe.

i’m sure this event changed all of our minds, made us happy and urged us to work hard so we can live our dreams and do what we love.

a big compliment goes to the hello etsy team for the fantastic organisation of this event and for choosing such inspiring souls. in the future i will not miss any conference since i cannot remember anything that motivated me more.


want to know more?

here you can watch all of the presentations as video.

a great blog post from leelo

one more from renna deluxe

and the travelettes

and more pictures on my flickr.


  1. Sounds awesome Lou! Love the mouse rollover thingy too :) I need to go to a workshop or conference ASAP. I’m in a serious blogging/ photography rut and I could use the inspiration. So glad you had fun and learned a lot of new things too.

    lou says: maddy, next time there is an hello etsy conference in the states you should definitely go. it’s such a valuable experience and you can make great connections. i’ll definitely be there, too! so we can meet :-)

  2. Hello! Thank you SO much for linking to Leeloo! We had such an amazing time and we wish we hadn’t just “tweet met” you as well!! Keep the fire burning! :-)

    lou says: you’re welcome. glad we’ve met!!

  3. Hi Lou! Thanks for the great post and glad my worksheet helped out!

    lou says: it was terriffic!! and i can’t wait for your kit to come out.

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