random thoughts and facts about paris in no particular order.

alice in wonderland

  • cab drivers drive slow! i realized that on our way from the airport to the hotel. very.slow!
  • there’s still the old currency amount on their receipts (it’s been 11 years since we got the euro!!)
  • the metro system is just superb! you can go all around the city for little money in no time!
  • maybe it’s just an impression but there are a lot of tea shops. and everywhere i sat down to have a snack or little meal i was offered tea. no coffee.
  • and you can buy your pets in special shops, too. not cool at all. 3 – 5 dogs or cats in little glass boxes looking half dead already.
  • in paris it’s totally ok to smoke everywhere. and that’s what everybody does.
  • there is a lot of music in the streets and the subway. loved it!
  • beer is insanely expensive. 0,5 l of beer was between 7 – 9 euros which is just ridiculous. better drink wine in paris!
  • staff in stores is very friendly and if they don’t speak english well they really try to help you anyway.
  • women in paris are mostly dressed very nicely and while sitting around and watching the people around me i realized they actually make an effort to have their own style and they indeed don’t look all the same.
  • there was not one glass of wine that didn’t taste good no matter what i chose.
  • in paris people don’t look where they walk. and they don’t care if there’s someone in their way. they’re checking their phones and just HURRY around without looking. damn it.
  • oh.. just in case you want to check out all of my pictures. they’re here.
  • the subway tiles are just as beautiful as in new york.
  • i passed by a few shops that sell ballet dance shoes and dresses.
  • salads are mostly served with a boiled egg.
  • sometimes there’s random art at random places. sometimes we didn’t know if it’s trash or art (this special piece was obviously trash because it was there in the morning and gone in the evening).
  • until i realized that a french size 36 is a different 36 than in germany i was close to cry in the middle of the store because i didn’t fit into ANYTHING anymore!
  • people in museums don’t look at art. they run around and take pictures of everything and hurry away.
  • in restaurants tables are put very close together.
  • and butter is salted if you don’t say anything when you order it.

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