alright. i’ve seen the louvre, the eiffel tower, paris from above, notre dame and marias so far. furthermore i highly recommend you to visit montmartre with its sacre coer church. she’s really beautiful. from outside she’s just impressive. on the top of a hill looking like a white meringue cookie.
you can’t take pictures inside but i assure you – it’s stunning. there’s a enormous mosaic in the middle showing a christian scene and the whole church was just built to last forever. it’s impressive that 200 years ago people were able to construct and actually build something like this. jaw dropping!

sacre coer

montmartre ist just beautiful to walk through. the houses are nice, there’s music in the streets, flowers in the windows. just eye candy.


next stop – after the louvre maybe my secret favorite – is père lachaise. it’s a huge cemetery in the east of the city. many famous people rest there and i wanted to escape into a quite park and père lachaise is perfect for that.

since i’m a huge jim morrison fan that’s the first place i ran to. there’s a fence around his area, he has his own guard (i guess to keep away the groupies…) and if you didn’t know where his grave is you wouldn’t find it. there’s another grave right in front of him and he really just has a small stone. but anyway, i sat down and listened to some of the nicest songs from the doors and thanked them for the great music i adore so much.


i really spend some time at père lachaise and discovered something funny too. on my map there was a name “sex toy” and of course i had to find out who that was. to find this grave was quite a task. it’s not that there is a system (at least nothing i could figure out) and after searching through the whole area i finally found her. her name was delphine palatsi and she was a french djane. mystery solved. poor woman died way to soon tough…

chopin and oscar wilde’s graves where beautiful as well. they’ve built a glass wall around oskar’s “stone” that was covered with messages from people. mostly written with lipstick. just adorable. there was a young lady who insisted to take a picture of me in front of his grave. she forgot to include my feet (i had 3 photos taken by strangers during our stay and ALL forgot our feet; so weird!)

pere lachaise

this cemetery is really big, beautiful and old. take some time to visit. it’s worth it!


one last thing that impressed me was the opera garnier. i came from the gallery lafayette (boring. nothing i enjoyed) and thought that building was beautiful. until i found out i was BEHIND it so i kept walking around and standing in front of it i thought this can’t be real. HUGE. bold. luxrious, monumental! something i couldn’t take my eyes off and i swore to myself to come back in a nice dress to attend a ballet show.

opera garniers

opera garnier

reading my own post i realize i can’t really find the right words to describe what i saw. i had so many good feelings in this city and it’s hard to pick things that were “the most beautiful” since the whole city is just a dream. if you have the chance to go please go and see for yourself. you’ll love it, too!

coming up next

* shopping in paris

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the next post will follow within the next days. stay tuned! and have a superb weekend, mes amis! au revoir.


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