I have a cold and can’t go to work. The antibiotics do a great job and I start to become bored. Yesterday I slept all day so I was wide awake at night so I started a little project. A cute little mobile for my baby niece. I’ve seen this once somewhere online and thought it can’t be that difficult.

That’s what I needed:  sheets of felt, leftover thread, scissor, magic marker (I didn’t use the embroidery hoop but when I took this picture I thought I would)


Freehand drawing of a cloud and some waterdrops.

clouds and drops

While I did the handstitching I thought next time I’ll sew with the machine. But it was midnight and that would have been a little too much in the middle of the night. And the handstitch gives it a nice crafty touch. The whole mobile looks like a big doodle :-)

the doodle cloud

My initial idea was to stitch my nieces‘ name on the waterdrops (a letter per drop) but… I already mentioned that it was around midnight, right… so I added letter beads on the drops


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