Last week for my baby niece’s first birthday I thought of sewing her a beautiful little dress. Of course! I found this beautiful Elsie Dress Pattern on Etsy. It was delivered as a PDF file and that’s actually the very first time I used a pattern to sew something. Go figure! It’s so darn easy it only took 45 minutes to complete.

I printed out the pattern, cut it out and placed it on the fabric as described in the pictures that came with the pattern. The dress is made of 3 big pieces and 2 pieces for the ruffled arms.

5 pieces of fabric make a little dress

Now it’s only 3 steps: sew the 2 small pieces for the back onto the front part.

sew 3 pieces together

The ruffle had to be folded in half and sewed together.

ruffle arm

The round edge had to be sewn into the round part of the arm (as shown here). Actually it was supposed to be ruffled but the pattern didn’t explain how to make ruffles in a way I would understand so I left it straight. The ruffled part I learned in the other sewing project I made for my niece (will post it on Saturday).

sew ruffle arm

After the arms were done the rest was easy and quick. 3 straight seams – 2 sides and one in the back.

sew side

sew back

FERTIG! Yes it was THAT easy! I tell you: don’t be afraid of using patterns. Just follow the instructions and even when you stumble over a part you don’t really get you can figure it out. I think the dress looks gorgeous with straight arm wings, don’t you think?

completed dress

The two pieces of the back are not sewn together completely. I left a bit of 10 cm open so Tiny could put her head through the whole and added a small fabric button made of the same fabric.

button detail

Ah ok… AND I added some white binding around neck and the bottom that I had leftover from the baby kimono I did some months ago.

That is just lovely. A perfect little project I enjoyed much because it didn’t drive me nuts and everything was nice and easy to understand and it didn’t take ages. The other present I sewed was different. Let me tell you more on Saturday :-)


  1. The fabric you chose is so adorable!! (and very cool:) It’s so cool that you can sew things like this – such fun to receive a handmade gift like this!

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