Another part of my birthday gifts for M was a felt envelope. I found a nice tutorial on the net and thought to give it a try.

I never stitched with the machine and I was excited to try and never thought it would be so difficult when you do it the first time.

The images in the tutorial seemed clear to me that I forgot to read it….anyway. The result is pretty ok :-)

I had this piece of felt where I sewed this little flower on. Supposed to be the stamp. The postmark should be a heart in a circle which I wanted to stitch…

Step 1

I was incapable to control the needle and stitch on my magic marker.


I never thought it would be so hard to machine stitch. You have to control the fabric and I moved the needle super slow. It still turned out as if I’d done it during an earthquake…

Stitching the postmark

I wrote his name on the felt with a magic marker (disappears when you spray water on it) and started stitching again. Same hassle as before.

The receiver

I don’t know why this happened. I guess because I was too slow moving the fabric so the thread got tangled in the machine. Took me 10 minutes to fix that.

What a mess

Looks pretty good, right?! (the mark is water to get rid of the marker)

But the back is a mess…. :-)

The back

I thought it would be nice to have more details than the fabric stamp and the (weird looking) machine stitching. Therefore I cut two pieces of matching ribbon, pinned it on the fabric… and failed.

The damn ribbon wouldn’t stay at its supposed place. Right after taking this picture I took the whole thing off again.

So that M wouldn’t see the crappy back and because the tutorial said so I sewed a piece of fabric with right side out onto the felt.

As I didn’t have a piece of fabric that was big enough I sewed together 3 pieces of dotted Amy Butler fabric which looked pretty nice.

After pressing and folding and glueing the sides together the tiny envelope looked like this. I was lucky to still have some fabric glue somewhere.

Press it

It took some time and nerves but after each sewing project I’m happy and proud and I learned my lesson for the next time. M loved it, too. ;-)


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